Saturday, 24 July 2010

Down but most definitely not out

This is a hard post to write for me. It not something I have to write or that people would expect me to share but when I started this blog almost 3 years ago (eek) I wrote that it would be about life and love and when the worst is happening to write about it. So here I am. I thought July was going to be my month, work would have calmed down (which it did to a tedious level – but I’m not complaining there at all), I would start hearing back from the womags – not necessarily expecting them to beat my door down to buy stories but some feedback from real live editors would really spur me on. Life would just be better – or so I thought. This week I received not one, not two but three short story rejections – one of which was a silent rejection from That’s life Australia so not all bad but still a rejection nonetheless. I also received one two weeks ago today from The Weekly News. Quite possibly the nicest rejection ever but at quite possibly the worst time. That day my boyfriend and I broke up. I am of course sad to lose someone I’ve shared my life with for 6 years but also so much happier that the pressure of trying to make things work (from both sides) has disappeared and we can just get on being great friends. So now comes the stress of moving again in a month (we are still co habiting – which actually makes things easier as I don’t have the heartache of not seeing him so suddenly). So there you have it. Things got really crap for a while there but I have to look forward – it's time for a fresh start and to get more work out there. I only have one story out there with Yours and I can feel the rejection writing itself (sorry for the pessimism – I’ll try and rein it in a little). I also have great plans for next year – which I shall reveal should I get good news. I did get some fab news this week – that my brother and his girlfriend are going to have a little girl in December (hurrah I shall be an aunty finally!!). I couldn’t be more over the moon, a little baby in the family that I get to give back when she starts crying! So there you have it – sorry for not commenting/blogging for so long but I just had to feel sorry for myself for a bit and take time for myself. I am still writing of course – thanks to W2W, the only thing right now keeping me writing.

I also went to a How to Get Published Seminar which was brilliant and shall blog about this weekend.

Thanks for listening!


Friday, 2 July 2010

Film Review: Get him to the Greek

Stars: Russel Brand, Jonah Hill, P Diddy

A small cast but a stellar one and it didn’t just rely on sick humour to get you through the 120 minutes. I was quite peeved because the film times for Wednesday (orange Wednesday baby) are a bit rubbish and I feared I’d be pining for my bed after about an hour. It was not just funny but cleverly hilarious. For those of you who have seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall you will know that this is a spin off about the character Aldous Snow played by Russell Brand. Jonah Hill plays Aaron Green, a young record company exec who is entrusted by his manager (P Diddy) to fly to London and ensure Snow makes it in time for the 10 year anniversary concern at the Greek Theatre in LA. A move to make millions for the record company and revive Snow's flagging career. What ensues is a not so tedious but hilarious battle to get Aldous to where he needs to be whist enjoying a 'Jeffrey', some furry wall stroking, late night partying (including a cameo from a certain Harry Potter villain), plane hopping and even a few poignant moments where you see a bit more to the troubled rock star. It’s not a complicated plot and doesn’t require you to think very hard but that’s not the aim here. The film makes for a great night out and judging by the roars of laughter emanating from the audience it’s safe to say other people are of the same opinion.

Brand is excellent once again as the debauched character but is most defininately not the only reason to watch. Jonah Hill is as funny and awkward as ever and the two make a great double act as the straight and funny comedy act . P Diddy for me is shining star here, I wasn’t aware of his great comic timing and the script writers quite rightly gave him some stonking one liners which were delivered with gusto.

A definite must see!