Monday, 29 September 2008

It's been a whole year....

...and what a great year it's been. I've made friends who are as passionate about writing as I am, I'm getting my very first story published in two weeks and most importantly I still want to be a writer.

I am renowned for starting things and not seeing them though. But a year later and I am still here. I think writing this blog instills the mentality in me to do what I say I'm going to. My dad bought me a piano 4 years ago and I am finally having piano lessons; I vowed to do at least one exercise class a week and I am no longer the most uncoordinated person in my Aquafit class; I said I would get published, I never thought I would but it's happening. I have a shitty day and I blog about it and things don't seem so bad anymore. Especially when I read the lovely comments left for me. I have more determination to get off my arse and try new things. That way I have something to tell you all. If I didn't do I couldn't say. It's as simple as that.

This is the start of another blog year, no more funks, for at least a month anyway!! I shall be busying myself with shorties for the next 20 weeks. Yes, that's right I'm registered on Slingink. As soon as tomorrow rolls around with my wages (FINALLY) I shall be applying to take part in Eurofiction. I'll either be talking about that a bit or I won't be talking much at all. I hope that wont be the case but I'll still be doing the rounds with my stranger than strange comments and adding more annoying options into the Blackbox. See, I'm feeling better already.
Please have a slice of blog cake and join me in my 1st blogday celebrations!!


Monday, 22 September 2008

Writing or Reading?

I confess - that suggestion in the Black Box came from me so if it gave you a headache I apologise. In the million or so times I've clicked on the widget so far I have only come across that one once and I could not answer it so I felt bad for adding that one in. I think however, I can answer it now. I haven’t read anything in a while but over my less than brilliant week I’ve found comfort in my book of the moment 'The Accidental Wife' by Rowan Coleman. When things get a bit much it's there to take me away from things for a bit and it makes me feel happy again. It doesn't make things go away but it puts them on hold for a bit. Aaahhhh the power of a good book! I bought it and started reading it ages ago and then fell into a reading funk where I was going to bed too late and being too busy to soak in the bath. Now I’m right in the thick of it and I’m loving it. Only, now I don’t feel like writing! So I think that decision is answerable for some (me in particular) right now. I have decided to apply for Eurofiction (once my registration is confirmed) after seeing it on Calistro's blog so I think that will give me a big kick up the bum. Sorry to any people whisked here by the Black Box - I'm not normally this depressing!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Story sent, now time for the free chocolate

Today I sent off my entry to Company for the LBD short story competition. I also cut out my token for my free galaxy bar to celebrate. I'm feeling very lucky as lots of lovely bloggers have wished me Good Luck for my entry. I'm now back to my novel but I'm off to Sally’s Competition Calendar on the right. I'm going to start writing not just for competitions but for the sheer enjoyment of it. That way when a competition does come up I may have something perfect for it and there wont be a mad dash for ideas.

I would also just like to say thanks to everyone so far for leaving messages. I've really enjoyed reading them all and replying. I’ve also started using google reader so I can follow all the new blogs I have discovered through the Black Box. Now I'm off for just one more go....

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

What a Wonderful Widget!

Check it out (to the right, to the right) , I'm hooked, your probably already hooked. If your not then you will be. I've already had some lovely new visitors. I've had a visit from Caroline herself and been introduced to Carol and Chris. Checking out their blogs are weaning me off the widget slightly. I just love reading new blogs!!! Thanks Caroline and Stray. I am a very happy (and somewhat distracted) blogger.

In other news, I managed (a record for me) a whopping 1, 851 words for my LBD entry. I honestly thought the closing date was the end of September but after a 2nd look yesterday I realised the closing date is the 16th and they only accept hard copies so I aim to get it sent on Friday at the latest to make sure it gets there on time. Anyhoo getting off the point slightly I wasnt 100% happy with the half written story that just wasnt going anywhere and so I took a chance on a idea that just came to me yesterday and went with it. I couldn't stop typing. I finished the story in about 2 hours (with occasional crisp eating breaks). I now just need to edit it and away it can go. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Believe the hype!!!

I'm not really a huge fan of Batman films so I wasn't itching to go and see this. I read excellent reviews and I must admit I was curious to see this amazing performance by the late Heath Ledger. As soon as I booked the tickets I put in Lolly's copy of Batman Begins just to catch up and I loved the new take on this story. Probably not convincing to some but I loved the reality of it. By the end of the film I couldnt wait to see The Dark Knight. I was worried it would be a huge anti-climax as I hadn't read one bad review. I needn't have worried! I sat there mouth open wide with a gob full of popcorn and just sat there mesmorised when the Joker first made an appearance. It wasn't just the Joker's ability to make the audience laugh and terrify them at the same time it was the amazing stunts (one in particular involving a police van, the Joker and Batman). Christian Bale was brilliantly convincing as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Negative points some reviews choose to include were that the film sagged when the Joker wasn’t in it which I don’t agree with. Ledger was amazing in it I have to agree but you only have to see it for yourself to know that this film's success doesn't rest on one man's shoulders. I would give the cast and crew ALOT more credit than that. Special mention to the special effects makeup team for Aaron Eckhart - just excellent and scared me so much that I was scared to go to the toilet while he was on screen. The only downside was that I wasn't keen on Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel. I wouldn’t knock her as an actress because I liked her in Stranger than Fiction but I think once an actress (Katie Holmes - Batman Begins) has already made the roll her own it is hard to imagine anyone else as the character. I loved the new take on this film and would definite be up for the next one.

Monday, 1 September 2008

What I am currently working on....

This is kind of the setting for my short story for LBD/Company Magazine. I love the setting and the story idea (especially the title I have come up with) I made a start on the story a while back when I quizzed my aunty about life working at a telephone exchange. After my last attempt at a short story competition entry I am not leaving this to the last minute. I came up with three characters last night. The heroine, the love interest and the love interests sister.

Also today I have been on the search yet again for creative writing classes in my area. I cannot find any courses suited to me in my area. I found a good evening class at Mary Ward but its just too far for me to get to in time as are all the other not so good ones. I found one across the road from where I work which would be perfect if it weren't for the fact that it was an Advanced Course. I would opt for a Distance learning course but I fear I wouldn't get as much out of it as I would attending a real life class. Any recommendations for any Distance Learning Classes would be greatly appreciated.