Saturday, 6 February 2010

Teeny Tag Post

Just a quickie as the ongoing tinternet saga continues and I have a short story to get written.  (I am also off out in a bit for a spot of Birthday Bowling).

I have been tagged by Debs.  The rules are:

1. Name a song that makes you happy - This is a tough one as there are so many songs that have a positive effect on me.  Most recently a friend at work thought that Adele's Chasing Pavements was meant to be Chasing Payments.  We quickly adopted this as our theme song while doing credit control.

2. Post an image that makes you smile - This photo makes me smile as it has to be one of the most special times in my life.  The first of my siblings to tie the knot this made me really proud to have him as my brother.  Awww all growed up (gets all choked just thinking about it).

I shall tag Colette to carry this MeMe on.


  1. Awh, gorgeous photograph, Lily x

  2. Hi Lily - yes it is me. I can now comment on your blog thanks to haiving to revert to the "old" laptop when new one had to have surgery. Anyway, just to say that I love that picture. It made me smile and I don't even know them.

  3. Love the change of title for that song and the photo.

  4. Amanda - thanks. I love it, and as we were in Cyprus the photographer kept making us say 'Haloumi Cheese'

    Colette - I'm so glad its working now. I had wondered after I tagged you so I am relieved now. Thank you. We all scrub up nicely really - we dont always look that nice at the same time lol.

    Debs - Thanks, I can't hear that song now without thinking of those words lol

  5. Lovely photo. And I'll be thinking of 'chasing payments' all day, now. :-)


  6. Thanks Suzanne. lol Sorry I've totally ruined that song now!