Sunday, 21 February 2010

I hate Sky!

So it's now been 2 months and still counting that boyf and I have been waiting for Sky to pull their fingers out of their arses (pardon the phrase) and sort us out with some much needed internet.  I shouldn't complain, I have been leant a dongle which, albeit it painfully slow and limited, is an absolute godsend.  I also have mobile internet but it makes it difficult to view blogs and can also be slow at times.
We were assured out router would arrive and a switch would be flicked by 17th February.  This, as we suspected, did not happen and now we are being told this will not happen until 1st March.  So there, I hate Sky and will not be recommending them to anyone in a hurry.  The service is p*ss poor and we are in a long list of unhappy customers.  I had to laugh when boyf asked the customer service advisor (if that's what they can call themselves):

Boyf: 'Does this sort of thing happen all the time or is it just us getting treated like this?'
CSA: 'Oh no Sir it happens all the time'

So that makes it all OK then!


  1. We almost changed to them last year until the provider we were with came up with a much better deal to persuade us to stay with them. After hearing about your trouble I am sooooo glad that we didn't go to Sky. Sadly, like you said it is not a one off.

  2. We've been waiting for sky to update us to HD, but apparently they need a special unit to fix the new dish or something. I've no idea why this is as the house hasn't changed at all since the last time it was set up.

    This has been going on since November. They're hopeless.

  3. I've heard lots of stories like this about Sky :o( Hope you get sorted soon.

  4. Isn't it annoying when people won't take responsibility and do their jobs. Hope they sort it out soon.

  5. Colette - we were going to go with BT but believe it or not they were worse, trying to charge us £130 to install a phone line we already had!

    Debs - Sadly this doesnt surprise me. My brother had the same problems with them just before xmas. If virgin supplied their area they would have given sky the boot but they had no choice.

    Karen - thanks. I do too, I can't take it no more :S

    Suzanne - I totally agree. The 'customer service' is appalling but what do they care. I really hope they do cuz I have the patience of a hungry dog right now!

  6. Why oh why haven't you switched to Virgin yet? Best service EVER. Seriously. x

  7. DJ - do they do internet? Well we are thinking of switching from sky to pretty much anyone if we don't get switched on tomorrow. We finally received the router so fingers crossed it works tomoz.

  8. That's a bit of a pain all right. Hope it gets sorted out soon!

    Hi, friend! I'm following your blog now!

  9. Gaelikaa - Hi! Luckily it all got sorted yesterday. Only 3 months behind but at least we have it now.

  10. Sky suck - simple as that. I hate them with a vengeance - useless customer service that you have to pay for (0845 number) and prices that just go up and up. Bye bye - I'm off to Virgin Media.

  11. Actually its 08442. I work for them as one of their customer service agents in the installation department. I hate working for them but need the money, and am looking to get out.

    Based on my experience working there, I wouldn't get sky phone or broadband. You have to wait 2 weeks for the phone, THEN 2 weeks for the broadband, and in most cases the broadband doesn't get added on automatically. The sales agents never tell the customers this causing massive problems for us in install.

    Because we have to go through BT to get the phone and broadband in, we have no power to change how long it's going to take, and there can be hold ups with... well everything.

    I might get the TV, but even that would be a stretch. Sales agents will tell you there are morning slots and afternoon slots (mostly they don't know otherwise because sky can't be bothered to tell them. In actuality it's an all day slot, with a preference that the engineer may keep to if he feels like it.

    The sales agents pull people in telling them whatever it takes to get the sale, and we end up having to clear up the mess.

    I abhor Sky and its dodgy sales methods and misinformation.

    Oh and did I mention how the systems they use are outdated and useless? Yeah, they're very glitchy and make our lives and the customers lives just that little bit harder.

    My advice if you really want Sky? Read up on everything, don't let yourself get misled, and just pray nothing goes wrong.

  12. sky are useless

  13. The ads are a real pain and sometimes go on for so long that I forget what I was watching.

  14. Two months!? You should try cancelling you'll be lucky if you get them to cancel your contract in two months, I've had a three month nightmare with them! Keep ringing them and they tell me we dont have authorisation we need written confirmation etc etc blah blah blah. Hate them!