Monday, 24 May 2010

Roll on June

It's been a busy couple of weeks with more stresses and strains in the work place leaving me little time to write/comment/post.  I hate that.  My manager who replaced the manager who is on sabbatical has now left and I am alone again and trying not to break.  Sabbatical boss will be back in 4 weeks which will leave me feeling a lot less agitated and much more focused on writing when I get in from work. 

In my bid to destress/lose my writers body/train for race4life/heal my back I have joined the gym (yes you really did just read that!).  I am loving it and I am feeling a lot more energised when I get home and sleeping very well.  I have lost a couple kgs already, clothes are yet to fit properly though - that maybe a good excuse to go shopping!  I went to my first physio session in months at the weekend (insurance co. have agreed to 3 more - I am seriously sick of them now) and I have been given plank work to do and as a result I feel like I have been kicked in the ribs.  Still, only 2 more sessions left and the whole car accident nightmare should be over.  The training for Race4Life is going well and we are only £5 off target so I am very pleased about that.  I am feeling good things for June - no work stress, some time off, no more physio, my clothes may hit and hey - I might even get around to starting my writing course!!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Feeling Funktastic - but I'm over it now

Where does the time go I ask you?   I had fully intended to blog on Friday.  I was in good spirits, that was until I got home and saw the A4 envelope waiting for me.  My story rejected by Peoples Friend for being too weak.  It smarted and it set me deep into a funk.  I'm fine now though, I've sent  a (different) story out to Take a Break Fiction Feast.  This is my favourite of all the womags and the first time I have subbed to them so I am a little nervous about it.  It's out there now so I just have to get on with other things while I try to ward off the postie bringing me more bad news.

The weekend passed by in a blur.  Friday I went to see a great band with boyf and some friends and had a few too many vinos.  I woke up early Saturday morning to discover someone (I don't know who) had hung all of my washing on the line from the night before.  Boyf swears it wasn't him, which I can believe so I can only deduce it was the elves.  Still one less thing I had to do before my sister picked me up for an all day hen party in Brighton.  Unfortunately by 9.30 pm the cocktails and the bad kareoke had taken its toll so me and my sister headed back to our hotel to watch (very poor) Saturday night telly.  Sunday I got back and enjoyed short stories a plenty from my writing group which just get better each fortnight.

Tonight I will start a new story for Womag 2 Weekly, not leaving it till last minute like the last one.  Although saying that I struggled for ideas on the last one and I can't help feeling it was my best one yet!