Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Feeling Funktastic - but I'm over it now

Where does the time go I ask you?   I had fully intended to blog on Friday.  I was in good spirits, that was until I got home and saw the A4 envelope waiting for me.  My story rejected by Peoples Friend for being too weak.  It smarted and it set me deep into a funk.  I'm fine now though, I've sent  a (different) story out to Take a Break Fiction Feast.  This is my favourite of all the womags and the first time I have subbed to them so I am a little nervous about it.  It's out there now so I just have to get on with other things while I try to ward off the postie bringing me more bad news.

The weekend passed by in a blur.  Friday I went to see a great band with boyf and some friends and had a few too many vinos.  I woke up early Saturday morning to discover someone (I don't know who) had hung all of my washing on the line from the night before.  Boyf swears it wasn't him, which I can believe so I can only deduce it was the elves.  Still one less thing I had to do before my sister picked me up for an all day hen party in Brighton.  Unfortunately by 9.30 pm the cocktails and the bad kareoke had taken its toll so me and my sister headed back to our hotel to watch (very poor) Saturday night telly.  Sunday I got back and enjoyed short stories a plenty from my writing group which just get better each fortnight.

Tonight I will start a new story for Womag 2 Weekly, not leaving it till last minute like the last one.  Although saying that I struggled for ideas on the last one and I can't help feeling it was my best one yet!


  1. Greetings from a womag2weekly pal! I just subbed my first piece in 16 years today, and it feels oddly funny and weird, like 'I'm a writer again!' It was TLFF, and they immediately gave an automated acknowledgement addressed to me as 'writer'. All I need is a rejection, and I'll feel I've joined the club, but that publication doesn't give rejections. If you don't hear within 6 months, you just assume it's rejection.

    Was that rejected piece a W2W one? Go back and get it out there again! You're a superb writer, just because one story didn't suit them one time it doesn't mean it's not a good piece.

    I feel deep down you'll be posting on W2W and here about some accepted pieces sooner than you think....

  2. Good for you for moving on quickly and starting work on a new project. What a great attitude!

  3. I haven't submitted anything for months and really should get a move on. Good luck with TABFF.

    PS. If you find them can you send those elves round to my place to hang out my washing please?

  4. There's nothing like a R. to spoil your mood on a Friday, is there? I've heard People's Friend is a difficult market to break. They have such a specific idea of the story that will suit their readers. At least you got some guidance on where they felt the story could be improved. Just get it changed and send it straight back out there. That's the excellent advice I got re. my last rejection.

    I had another one last night - this time from The Weekly News. Mine stung too but then I did my rejection dance around the kitchen (well, if I didn't do that I'd sit and mope around). I've adapted it now and emailed it off to That's Life Australia. I'm trying to keep as many out there as possible. You've gotta have some hope...

    Good to hear you had fun down my neck of the woods at the weekend. I passed a group of hen party revellers on Saturday. I wonder if it was you. Were you all wearing shocking pink wigs?

  5. Hi from another Womag2Weeker! Hugs on the "R". Horrid things. Haven't had any yet for the 3 short stories I've subbed recently but I await the thud of brown envelopes soon lol. I've had the big "R"s for 2 out of the 3 books I've written. The 3rd books is still in edit hell and yet to be sent out.

    I've had a brainwave tho' on how to *definitely* get published! "How?" I hear you cry. "Easy" I say. Just change your name to Teresa Ashby - lol! Looking forward to reading your story soon on W2W. Caroline x

  6. I had a rejection from PF last week too, and two book rejections. So I did two new book submissions and one short story submission. Like David says, it's a numbers game as much as anything, so turn it around and get it back out there!

  7. Good luck with your sub to TAB, Lily, and hugs on the R - they can really lower a mood, can't they? X

  8. Hugs for the R. Keeping fingers crossed for your TAB sub.


  9. Gaelikaa – Well done!!! I liked the TLFF response too. Well I hope you don’t get a rejection but an acceptance instead and then you really will feel like you belong. I know what you mean though and if ever I get a story accepted I will be over the moon.
    The story I sent to PF was the caravan one and I had read similar paced story in there which is why I sent it to them. Thanks for the advice and I will deffo give it another look and rewrite and get it straight back out there. It’s quite a short one so might suit TABFF tale with a twist (I just wrote that as an anagram and had to delete promptly!!)

    Talli – Thank you!! I have to keep at it. Self pity is no fun at all.

    Debs – Thanks :) It’s hard when you're working on a novel as I know you are. I try to keep the weekends free to work on the novel but it’s not always that easy to do both. LOL I shall, but it frightened me a little. Seriously getting worried about my memory.

    David – I know but the wine seemed to help and its only the 2nd one I’ve had so I can’t complain, its just that I sooooo want an acceptance. I know I’m not alone here. That desire will never go away but it’s a nice validation to have to get accepted even just once. Sorry to hear about yours too, lol I like the rejection dance idea. I will try that next time (as I’m quite sure there’ll be one) Good luck with TLFF.
    That wasn’t me, I was dressed as Queen of Hearts. I left quite early though so you probably missed me. We spent the best part of the day terrorising the poor barman in Madam Geisha’s.

    Caroline – Thank you :) Good luck with book 3, I’m still on the first and am determined to get it sent out this year. Ha Ha I love it. I love her stories too. I would love to have my story published along side one of hers and of course many other womag writers. My dream is for our whole group to commandeer the pages of TABFF!! Too ambitious??

    Queenie – Sorry to hear about the rejections, and well done for getting them straight back out there. I always have to remind myself that JK had Harry Potter rejected first time round. The fools!

    Amanda – Thanks, yes they really make my heart sink but I tell myself it happens to the best of us. Wine helps too! Also, this time last year I wasn’t getting any rejections because I wasn’t writing anything so I’d say I was in a better position right now.

    Suzanne – Thank you :) xx

  10. Did PF say that your story was too weak. If they did that's great because it's feedback - even if it wasn't what you wanted to hear. They always return my stories straight away - send on Monday get it back on Wednesday.
    Good luck with the new sub. Looking forward to reading your latest W2W effort.

  11. Are you sure you didn't hang out the washing after those few too many vinos?

  12. Colette - I can only turn it around to my advangtage. At least I know where I went wrong with that one. Thanks, and am looking forward to your too!

    JJ - lol I can only guess that is what happened but I just can't for the life of me remember doing it. I think I am going to try writing drunk which I once read about on Calistro's blog. I might write a whole story but not remember!

  13. I had a rejection from People's Friend last week saying exactly the same thing! Maybe they were just in one of those moods.

    Better luck with TaB :o)

  14. Thanks Karen, considering you got the same then it can't mean I'm a bad writer. You can't please them all.