Monday, 31 March 2008

Good news

I had some good news today which really cheered me up. I won't say what because I don't want to jinx it but it stopped me fearing the worst about my writing. I am brimming with confidence about it now. Hopefully I will hear more tomorrow and I can share my good news properly.
No other writing done since yesterday but I have a few evenings to myself this week in which I can get stuck in to my First Line short story entry. I had banned myself from writing short stories until I made some proper progress with my novel but that didn't work and all that happened was no writing at all. None at all. Thats not good.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Finally I've written something

Its not much as I havent felt like writing much lately but I've entered a very short story competition which closes tomorrow. Lack of confidence, laziness - dont ask me why but I havent written anything in about a week. Today I remembered the text competition I posted about here and thought it would be a good place to start. I just sent it now. The phone didnt set itself to Turkish once which I was quite pleased about.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

You can do whatever you want

I like the sound of that. I'm feeling especially encouraged at the moment. I was lacking in confidence about my writing at the start of the week. I didnt make the grade in one of the short stories I entered which I accept is not easy to do as its the only result I have received for my short stories so far and I know there are vast amounts of entries but I read the short listed entries and made me wonder if I was any good. I've been reading My Booky Wook by Russell Brand. I cannot put it down. It keeps surprising me at every turn. Its the kind of book that makes you sit up and say 'fookin' 'ell i never knew that!' If you ever need that nudge or start doubting your abitilty to make something of yourself then take a leaf out of his book (apologies for the pun). It's a bloody good read.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Another 1%

OK so today I have been working on my novel. The bar has gone up another 1% by way of written words but as I am reworking my chapters I find myself already in the stage where I am editing slightly. I know you are probably wondering why I am bragging over a measly 1% but I really am pleased I'm getting back into it - I left it untouched for very long time and I was starting to wonder whether I would ever go back to it let alone finish it.
I also made a major character change. Basically I'd had a conversation with my boss a while back and she made a remark that I really didn’t like but kinda made me laugh (in that its so irritating you have to laugh kind of way) so I wrote it down and knew it would be something a certain one of my characters would say. Anyway I worked it in today adding something very minor to it and it just changed a major part of the plot. Now my leading male character looks completely different and I like him, hes more of a hero than the last guy I had imagined, he was sweet but in comparison perhaps a bit too drippy. Not at all what my female lead needs.

I've also decided to take part in the Texting short story competition which I found on Sally Q's site. I just need to borrow a decent mobile to write it on as my space key keeps getting stuck and changing the language to Turkish every time I write a word! I'm still working on the novel but this is only a very short short story.

I'm off now to prepare myself for a night out with the family Hopefully I wont be too hungover to write tomorrow and I might even manage to get more than 1% progress made.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Time for a change and still procrastinating

I thought it was time for a change of blog, what do you think? I quite like this layout.
Now back to the writing. I've got a long long list of things to get though - changing my blog wasn't one of them so I dont expect much sympathy.

1.get novel up to at least 20%
2.finish short story for 1st line comp (which I wont let myself do until number 1 is finished)
4.practice for shorthand exam thought contract law notes.
3.clean house
6.remember all the other stuff i need to but am blocking it out until 1-5 have been completed

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Eenie weenie progress

OK so I've not really made the best use of my weekend. I didn't get a huge amount of writing done but I did make a start. I managed 1% which is pretty poor considering how far behind I am but I made a start so I'm pleased with myself.
I also finished 'Shopaholic and Baby' which was so funny. Becky Bloomwood still makes me laugh out loud on the bus. I have also started reading Russell Brand's autobiography. You can definately tell that no one else has written this but him. I'm only one chapter in but I can tell I'm going to enjoy it.
I also watched Atonement. This was such a great film. I prefered Keira Knightly in this film than any of her others. She suits the role in this film. And of course James McAvoy. I cannot fault him as an actor, although not sure about his American accent in his new flick Wanted. Looks like a good film though so I'll defininately be watching it.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Back to the Book

It's Wednesday. I have done no writing since the weekend. I'm getting a little antsy about it now. I spent all day yesterday in London learning all about the Law, 'I am the law' lol always wanted to say that. Very interesting it was. I'd say its not my first choice of career path but it's a career for me none the less, unless I end up like JK Rowling that is. I figure that whatever I do it in life be it exciting or just plain dull its always something I can turn into a good maybe even groundbreaking (I wish) piece of literature. Anyway its back to the novel for me tonight. I know I keep saying it but I mean it this time. Short stories are on hold until I get to at least 20%. Saying that I still have a law folder to work through, shorthand to practice, books to read, clothes to iron (yeah right!) You know the drill. No excuses though. The book will take precedence for the time being. You may not hear from me for a little while as I hang my head in shame at how behind I am compared to everyone else!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

War Child

If you're reading this and for some crazy reason don't recognise what the above picture is all about then make sure you click on it. If you're a blog owner and you can or have written something below 1,500 words fitting the theme 'You're not the only one' then you definitely don't want to ignore this. If you still haven't clicked on it then make sure you email your submission by 9th March (this had already been extended so get writing). If you do get your submission included in the book then you have to buy it. And hey if you don't then buy it anyway! It'll only cost £9, that's less than a dodgy takeaway from the local curry house.
I just posted my piece for War Child. Its a shorty and I like those. I doubt it'll make it in there but its not about getting published for my own benefit. Not this time. I hope it proves to be of use to them and well it did make my mum chuckle when she read it! Does anyone know if you can post more than one piece? If I find the time this weekend I'll work on something new for it.