Saturday, 1 March 2008

War Child

If you're reading this and for some crazy reason don't recognise what the above picture is all about then make sure you click on it. If you're a blog owner and you can or have written something below 1,500 words fitting the theme 'You're not the only one' then you definitely don't want to ignore this. If you still haven't clicked on it then make sure you email your submission by 9th March (this had already been extended so get writing). If you do get your submission included in the book then you have to buy it. And hey if you don't then buy it anyway! It'll only cost £9, that's less than a dodgy takeaway from the local curry house.
I just posted my piece for War Child. Its a shorty and I like those. I doubt it'll make it in there but its not about getting published for my own benefit. Not this time. I hope it proves to be of use to them and well it did make my mum chuckle when she read it! Does anyone know if you can post more than one piece? If I find the time this weekend I'll work on something new for it.

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