Wednesday, 30 July 2008


There was a young woman called Lucy
With a competition that’s ever so juicy
Please enter today
Else you'll feel in dismay
And you’ll be gutted you didn’t win

Sorry I’m all out of limericks for this week. If you have a good one go visit her site and check out this post. Its attracting a lot of closet limericksters (i know thats not really a word) and theres a great prize on offer too. While I wasn't bombarding poor Lucy with the worst Limericks ever I could be seen working on my short story which is due in tomorrow. I'm cutting it really fine and I wish I had a bit longer but it's got to be done. I'm not giving up now. I spent all evening learning about life at sea back in the late 70s and early 80s and I feel a lot more informed and confident about writing the sort of story I want. Anyways I wont ramble on as I need to sleep.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Garden: Done; Writing:Ermm not so much

This is the result of all of my + 3 others hard work yesterday. 4 hours and 10 full garden waste sacks later and we were finished. Personally I think it looked better before but at least now you can see where you're going.

Writing wise I managed a measley 206 words all weekend. After many failed attempts at an entry piece for the Move it or Lose it comp I finally managed to come up with an idea I love. That wasn't until this morning on the bus of all times and places. I always seem to get inspiration on the bus to work. I can barely see straight when I get on the bus to work let alone think. I have compliled a HUUUGE list of questions for my research and sent them off to the two people who are going to provide me with some much needed help. I'll let you know how I get on by way of nudging up the progress bar hopefully before its due in on Thursday.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Raring to go

I'm in a good frame of mind for writing today. I did no writing last night. Me, boyf, 'bro in law', and 'bro in law's' girlf spent all evening playing on the wii and chasing nats around while covering our legs in bug spray. I had a few too many Savannahs while convinced they were giving me a hangover, skipping the getting pissed part and more than likely attributing to my losing every game we played. It quickly hit 3am and after the 5th 'just one more go' we decided to hit the hay. I have now been up since 10 and funnily enough I don't have a hangover (always drink water before bed - it works) but I woke to a queue for the bathroom and an urgent bladder busting urge to pee. I am now sitting in boyf's garden and am not at all bothered by the squawking Irish parrot (he really does have an Irish accent) and the 1 year old who I am sure is saying something really interesting but can't for the life of me figure out what it is. Apart from this blog I have written nothing so far today but I will. I have the entire evening ahead of me as boyf is off to a party, which I decided not to go to at the last minute. They never put anything decent on Saturday nights box (not everyone goes out on saturday don't they know) so I can't see myself getting distracted by that. I am slightly hooked on though but I'll try and steer clear of that. So watch this space and I'll report tomorrow after the assault on the garden that is taking place. Check it out, its well overdue for a haircut - you can't even see the garage at the end of it:

Friday, 25 July 2008

I've submitted a competition piece....sort of

Do you have a waterstones card? If you do then you can probably ignore this as you'll have seen this already. If not then you might want to read on and on and on and on. Waterstones are running a new competition giving you the chance to win one of the new e-readers now available on pre order for £199.

If you, like me, are in no position to ever afford one of these and are a bit sceptical about them then why not try and win one. All you have to do is log onto the Waterstones website (as if you haven't been on this week already - you know who you are!) and tell them why in no more than 100 words why you should be chosen to review the Reader from Sony. Oh yes you get to review it for them too. So its a great writer/reader competition and lets us beloved book readers have our say.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

This fence is sooo uncomfortable

I keep getting myself into bother. I don’t like seeing people slated when they aren’t in the room to defend themselves. I won't say who I was defending because you won't know them anyway but I couldn't stand to see their name being dragged through the mud without a fair trial if you will. Whenever I think I'm doing the right thing it always ends up being me against the whole room. Why do I get involved. I’m not a confident person (I am quite loud though) and I hate, and I stress the word hate here like this haaaaaaattttttte!!!! confrontation. So why do I do it? I state my case and everyone is on me. To me that is not a debate when it starts as a one on one and ends up as a 4 on 1. I get all flustered and go red and I can't debate well. The words don't seem to come out right and it's too cringey to watch. Is it best to stand up for what you believe in and look a fool in the process or stand back and not say a word?

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Not much done today I'm afraid

That's right I didn't action any of my good intentions as mentioned in my last post. I did manage to do some research for my book though. As my novel centres largely around an up and coming hair/fashion show, something I know nothing about, I decided to watch America's next top model from 10 till 11 this morning and I watched World Fashion on My Channel during the adverts. I got some stats of some of the models down and some outfit descriptions so not a complete waste of time. America's next top model left me throwing things at the screen. 'They are so bitchy' and 'stop crying you ungrateful cow' were the only words I could think of.
After that I went shopping. I didn't come across anyone interesting. It was afterall only Asda.
The rest of the day was spent surfing the net, googling random celebrities and not much else.
Still, tomorrow is another day (back at work) and I have a free evening to write. I'm going to go now as I haven't even done my 100 words. Yes I know I'm a slacker.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

It's only Tuesday and already I need a day off!!

Had a very hectic day on Sunday. Me, boyf and ‘sister in law’ took ‘Sister in law's’ offspring to Paradise Zoo in Broxbourne. We spent all day encouraging the offspring who is 1 to look (not wave your feet) at the animals that lived there. We went to the tiger enclosure where there was a throng of parents and their children asking what the two tigers were doing. ‘They are doing what adults do' replied boyf much to the relief of the little boy’s mother who was lost for words. There must be something in the air because we were told to keep quiet as most of the animals were pregnant. I will try and post some pics later tonight as I am off to see Mamma Mia after work. I can't wait to get in there and start singing away.

On the writing front I have finally started my short story. I now only have 9 days left but that should be plenty if I stay focused and don’t get lazy. It should be OK because I have just booked tomorrow off work so I will try and spend a chunk of that working on it (after my big fat lie in that is). I think I will do the café thing again soon as I found that sitting by myself with nothing to do but wait for my tea to cool, actually forces me to write. It is also great for listening to characters you wouldn’t normally meet. Hmm maybe I should go shopping too and see who I come across. All in the name of research!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Exciting News and Awards for Excellence

This was me earlier in Café Nero while waiting for boyf to get his wig chopped. I couldn't blog this at the time of writing because Blogger and Vodafone don't seem to agree. I can't blog from my mobile. If anyone on V/fone can, please tell me how. I hate all this 'this was me earlier' stuff on my blog. I want to be up to the minute breaking news. Ok I know I'm not really that exciting. Still, I have some special news, to me anyway. my.....wait for it....100th post!!!!! I'm so excited and proud of myself. I'm quite emotional as I write this still nursing my tea in Nero. I am sooo dreading trying to read my writing later. I know its bloody awful isn't it!

I would like to say thanks to all those people who have read my blog, come back again and again and for all the wonderful messages and support. I would have given up on 'my baby' a long time ago otherwise.

A while back Paige awarded me an 'Excellent' award. I did not pass this on at the time as I told myself I would do this when I got to this post. An incentive if you will and it makes it all the more special. For her comments, friendship, emails and just all round excellentness I pass this on to Paige.
For making me laugh so so much whenever I read her blog I'm also awarding this to Karen.
Last but not least I award Callistro for all her advice and question answering, and also being the reason I started this blog in the first place (I googled Miss Write and Writing about Writing is what popped up). Since I found her blog last year I set this blog up in September and have learnt a lot along the way. I've sent stories out, am on my way to being published this Autumn and I've made some great friends. I look forward to my next 100 posts and making more friends along the way.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Today I have been mostly reading.....

Great reads if I do say so myself. I loved Callistro's story. So much so it left me feeling very inspired. I am definately going to start sending work out to magazines. I just need to remind myself of the guidelines as seen on Womag Writer's blog (Thank you!). I have only had the chance to read Sarah's story from You're Note the Only One which I could really relate to. I still get mad when those girls add me on Facebook! Really winds me up - Shame my memory can't be as short as theirs.
I look forward to reading the rest later and feel even more inspired by the stories chosen to grace the pages of this wonderful book. Well done Sarah + team!

No other news to report except that I am feeling much brighter and positive. Must be all the great reading material

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Fighting the Funk

I am feeling a little less 'funky' today thanks to some kind words. Comments always always cheer me up so thanks to anyone who has ever left me one. They mean a lot and make a huge difference to how I feel about my blogging. As long as I know you're there it gives me a reason to be here.
To combat the pangs of crapness I've upped my Vitamin B intake by shopping for liver, salmon, potatoes, eggs and nuts. Tonight I had the salmon and successfully managed to stink the whole house out much to my sister's delight. 'Everything stinks!' She's right there and it didn't even taste that nice. I did get to use the hollandaise sauce that has been a longstanding member of my condiments collection for the past 2 years (It lived with me in my last place as well). Tomorrow is liver night (ark at me the ex veggie). I'm sure I'l be feeling better in no time - roll on the weekend....

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Feeling Funktastic

Feeling WAY too tired and moody to blog or write much over the last couple of days so here are some pics from my Sunday afternoon. Myself and boyf went for a lovely stroll (ha! try 4 mile trek) around Virginia water. The weather was lovely and warm and we even managed to take a dip along the mini waterfall. I slipped on some slime and nearly ended up on my arse. Luckily I managed to keep upright even if I did manage to look a bit of a tit in the process. I proceeded to get the hell out of that water and back onto the lovely green albeit very muddy grass.
Although my feet might not have agreed at the time it was nice to walk off the Sunday Roast we had at the Cricketers in Bagshot (right next to a well known Royal couple, they didn't pop into their local Beefeater while we were there though. Oh well maybe next time)
My outlook on life is a little less grim today. I feel less tired but still feeling a bit crappy and a bit 'oh what is the point of all this' and just generally feeling sorry for myself. I still haven't started my short story yet and I feel another funk coming on. I best just stop telling you about it and get writing before it really sets in. I need something exciting to happen...QUICK
Sorry for the moan but it's a blog nonetheless...there are some pretty pics to take your mind off the depression I have no doubt bestowed upon you

Saturday, 12 July 2008

3,264 written since Mid June - I can't believe my sprightly fingers

I have just completed a whopping (for me) 672 words for the 100 words a day blog. I have now finally got my percentage bar to 20% - an amount I've been striving to get to since March, as blogged about here. I am so lame. But its been a good few weeks. Since the 100 words a day blog began back in mid June I have written 3,264. I couldn't quite believe it until I re-added everything up for the second time. Some days are a struggle and I have missed a few out but it has been a definite help. It's not a chore either because even if you only do the minimum of 100 words it only takes about 5 minutes. I have also received the request for my declaration for my short story which should be in print in an anthology in the Autumn. I will blog about that when I ever see it in my hands. This is a first for me so I am a little nervous about running around all excited about it.
I am now going to get started on the short story competition I found on Sally's site. Sooo... the percentage bar on my novel may slow down a bit again although I will still be doing my 100 words.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Some Pics

I'm feeling too tired to write so here are some pics from my Dorset trip, I would quite like to become a recluse here:

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You are an easy going, optimistic person.

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You enjoy your life. You have your priorities straight.
a href="What Does Your Taste in Music Say About You?/a>

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Back on Wednesday

I'm writing this post while I try to remain awake. I have just about managed to write my 100 words which was alright. A good contribution to the story. I have had a breakthrough with my novel. I finally realised what was missing all along. I have made my heroine's best friend the other main character. I think it is fair to say that depending on what book I am reading at the time (Sushi for Starters by Marian Keyes - nearly finished it and loving it by the way) my novel changes in style. There are three main female characters in the book I am reading at the moment and it works very well creating cliff hangers at every turn.

I won't go on any more, partly because I don't have much else to report but mainly because I am knackered, I spent all day at a picnic in Ali Pali and had a few too many peronis. I will be away now until Wednesday as my boyf and I are off to stay with friends in Dorset. Till then....

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Time for a Shortie

It has been a while since I sent a story 'out there' so I have been visiting Sally Q's Competition Calendar. I came across a great short story competition there. Its called Reading Writers Move it or Lose it Competition which seemed quite apt for me at the moment. I won't provide a link because if you haven't been already I would strongly advise you to visit Sally's site. It's saved me a LOT of time and effort looking for competitions to enter.