Thursday, 17 July 2008

Fighting the Funk

I am feeling a little less 'funky' today thanks to some kind words. Comments always always cheer me up so thanks to anyone who has ever left me one. They mean a lot and make a huge difference to how I feel about my blogging. As long as I know you're there it gives me a reason to be here.
To combat the pangs of crapness I've upped my Vitamin B intake by shopping for liver, salmon, potatoes, eggs and nuts. Tonight I had the salmon and successfully managed to stink the whole house out much to my sister's delight. 'Everything stinks!' She's right there and it didn't even taste that nice. I did get to use the hollandaise sauce that has been a longstanding member of my condiments collection for the past 2 years (It lived with me in my last place as well). Tomorrow is liver night (ark at me the ex veggie). I'm sure I'l be feeling better in no time - roll on the weekend....


  1. Ah I'm glad you're feeling better :) I am jealous of your liver...the one you're planning to eat not um, the one inside you...I used to love liver and bacon as a teen.

  2. Liver is the best!

    Is it Lamb's or Ox's liver???

  3. Thanks Kerry I'm glad too, I really hate feeling down.
    Really? Everyone I know except my mum and dad think its disgusting. I think its so yummy. You can get liver, bacon and mash as a ready meal. so nice to have at lunch time sat at my desk.

    Paige - Us 3 should start a liver appreciation society lol. No? Its lambs liver. I have never had Ox's liver. Must try it though. My fave is Calves liver but pricier. I am so looking forward to my dinner now!