Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Feeling Funktastic

Feeling WAY too tired and moody to blog or write much over the last couple of days so here are some pics from my Sunday afternoon. Myself and boyf went for a lovely stroll (ha! try 4 mile trek) around Virginia water. The weather was lovely and warm and we even managed to take a dip along the mini waterfall. I slipped on some slime and nearly ended up on my arse. Luckily I managed to keep upright even if I did manage to look a bit of a tit in the process. I proceeded to get the hell out of that water and back onto the lovely green albeit very muddy grass.
Although my feet might not have agreed at the time it was nice to walk off the Sunday Roast we had at the Cricketers in Bagshot (right next to a well known Royal couple, they didn't pop into their local Beefeater while we were there though. Oh well maybe next time)
My outlook on life is a little less grim today. I feel less tired but still feeling a bit crappy and a bit 'oh what is the point of all this' and just generally feeling sorry for myself. I still haven't started my short story yet and I feel another funk coming on. I best just stop telling you about it and get writing before it really sets in. I need something exciting to happen...QUICK
Sorry for the moan but it's a blog nonetheless...there are some pretty pics to take your mind off the depression I have no doubt bestowed upon you


  1. Salut,

    Numele meu este Louis

    Rugby player, mă!

    I-vă blog-ul!

    Până la o zi!


  2. Those are lovely pictures - quite relaxing! Are you sure you're not a photographer on the sly??

    Hope you're feeling better today - we all feel like that sometimes, nothing wrong with letting off steam :o)

    (I see you have a new 'rugby player' friend above!)

  3. Sorry you're feeling down at the moment - I had a spate of it recently myself and offer your own advice....just don't let The Kyle get you.

    Seriously though, just give yourself time and look after yourself and then as soon as you feel the writing itch dash to the 'puter!:)

  4. Hi Louis, thanks for visiting. Happy blogging!

    Thanks Karen - I'm not a photographer honest but I love photography. Its one of my many untouched upon hobbies. I own a v. good camera which is gathering dust and I took these with my 2.5 megapixel camera phone. Mad huh!
    I'm still in a bit of a mood but thanks to the 100 words a day blog I'm still managing to keep writing.
    lol yes I can't think what might have drawn my new friend in - must be my amazing photography.

    Kerry - Thanks for the kind words. I'm sure I'll snap out of it. I get like this every once in a while which I notice through reading all my fave blogs is that I'm not the only one. It's not easy to talk about it without thinking your just being a moody cow but sometimes its not that simple. Don't worry the Kyle will only make me worse. I won't go there. If I do you can have my telly!