Monday, 21 February 2011

Back on

So my relationship with dusty old novel was rekindled (FINALLY I hear you cry) last week.  It truly is a very rough piece of work and pre OU and writing group Lily had a lot to learn.  I'm loving rewriting it though but feeling quite depressed at having to spend all my time earning a crust when I just want to spend all my time canoodling with my characters.  I've taken a little break from Womag2Weekly and shall be heading over to Chaper2Weekly for some much needed novel critiquing.  I do believe we are in need of some members so if your interested do shout.  2 more rejections happened upon my door step on Saturday so I had an excuse to drown my sorrows and internal organs in Sauvignon Blanc in Prezzo on Saturday night.  Yesterday was spend knitting, eating chocolate and feeding the obsession that is Colin Firth.  I watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (again!) and A Single Man (truly beautiful and let me indulge in my currently sombre mood). 

This weekend will be a quiet one as I spend some quality time with my rewrite - just the two of us (and Colin probably).