Monday, 11 October 2010

Taking a blog holiday

Seeings as the move isn't quite going to plan (landlords are being total PITA's - that's Pains in the Arses) the well deserved time off is being put on the back burner.  So until the move is over I'm going to take a break from blogging instead.  I love blogging but aside from not having anything writing relating to post, I really don't have much going on but work, sleep, work, sleep, work and a little bit of writing when I can.  My OU writing course starts at the end of October so I'll be back to share everything with you but until then I shall see you over at your places...

Have a good October



Monday, 4 October 2010

I want some time off!!

Not quite sure where that weekend went but it wasn't my most productive one.  I helped Lolly move her belongings into storage ready for her to leave her flat on Saturday.  Only one more move left (this month) and then hopefully the heart palpatations will stop and I can take some well earnt time off.

Friday was good, I got my reading anthology from the OU for my 'Start Writing Fiction Course' which starts at the end of the month.  It's been a while since I paid for it and as a result I'd kind of forgotten about it so it was good to receive something to get me feeling a bit more animated. 

No rejections to report (thank you editors) this week although all bar one are with Jill Finlay at The Weekly News.  One of which I posted nearly two months ago now.  I usually get a rejection response after a month so not sure if it's a good thing or she's just very busy.  I posted my crime story to Cecilia at You, South Africa.  I don't know how that will go as I've never read the magazine but I had a look on their website  Cecilia is on holiday until 22 October so my story won't be picked up by anyone until then.  I shall just forget out that one for now. 

On a final note I went into Boots for my lunch and was surprised at the things I saw.  With that in mind I shall leave you with this final thought:

81 sleeps, 11 hours, 8 minutes & 57 seconds till Crimbo!!!!

Tis very exciting as by then I shall be cool aunt Lily :-)