Saturday, 21 June 2014

Virtual classroom vs the actual classroom

I am struggling to just waltz back in here and write a blog post as if I'ver never been away. It's tricky but here goes: As my blog title suggests I have just bid a fond (in that I hated every minute) farewell to my math GCSE course. On moving from London to Devon back in 2012 it was proving tricky to find work that didn't require an A-C at math GCSE so I decided to retake. It will also enable me to take the PGCE should I decide teaching is for me. I took my final exam on Tuesday and can only hope all the revision and finally learning the point of algebra (please don't ask me) was worth it. So today I went to The University of St Mark & St John to check out the varius degree courses. I met with Hayden Gabriel who opened my eyes to a whole new world of study including a PHD in Creative Writing (getting way ahead of myself now) as well as the possibility of actually studying for a degree while still working full time. I'll admit I am tempted but I can't help thinking the Open University is for me. Can anyone comment on the virtual classroom versus the actual classroom?