Monday, 1 November 2010

Back again and birthdays

I have 2 birthdays to acknowledge today. Firstly today is my brother’s 31st birthday. Joel – happy birthday if you're reading this

Also, and I can't believe I forgot but it was my blog's 3rd birthday which was in September. Happy belated birthday blog.

So, I have finally moved…yay. I have to wait for internet…boooo

On Saturday my Open University course started. I have missed out on some of the intros and welcome messages but luckily I have internet at work (thank heavens for the office job – I knew there was a reason I did this!!) I am catching up slowly but the writing has been put on hold due to the packing, lifting, back ache, searching for coffee cups, tripping over boxes and rogue coat hangers, bed building, mattress ordering, sofa sleeping and more back ache. Lolly and I are getting there and the new place is just wonderful. I love my new desk (thanks landlord) and the epic built-in wardobes. I just need to finish unpacking and find more hangers.

Despite the back ache I will venture into the depths of the unknown and work out in the gym tonight. I haven’t been there in over 2 weeks due to the delay in the move which meant logistically it was unrealistic to travel from parents house to my not-so-local-anymore gym. It will be quite nice to get back to it and I am determined to get fit. After lugging sofas and other bulky and awkward furniture up a flight of stairs I’ve realised my body needs oiling for want of a better word (sounds like a euphemism for something but its not – im just a bit stiff – oh forget it!)