Monday, 14 January 2013

Resolution Generator

If you were planning to make some new years resolutions and need a little inspiration this generator may help.

My one and only resolution as a result of this is 'read a Dr. Seuss book' - I still haven't gotten around to reading my twilight books yet so that may have to be a resolution for 2014 (or much much later).

Can anyone recommend a Dr Seuss. book?


  1. A short story called the sneetches!

  2. Thanks Rebecca - I've just reserved it from my local library so will put my thoughts in my next post.

  3. My resolution from your generator was to paint more, but I can't see that happening. However, I do want to read more of the books on my tbr pile. There are covers sitting waiting for me that seem to have been there for ever!

  4. Debs - yes if I'm honest I had to click a few times lol. I've joined a book group where I work which is encouraging me to read more of a variety so my TBR pile is getting bigger.