Sunday, 21 February 2010

I hate Sky!

So it's now been 2 months and still counting that boyf and I have been waiting for Sky to pull their fingers out of their arses (pardon the phrase) and sort us out with some much needed internet.  I shouldn't complain, I have been leant a dongle which, albeit it painfully slow and limited, is an absolute godsend.  I also have mobile internet but it makes it difficult to view blogs and can also be slow at times.
We were assured out router would arrive and a switch would be flicked by 17th February.  This, as we suspected, did not happen and now we are being told this will not happen until 1st March.  So there, I hate Sky and will not be recommending them to anyone in a hurry.  The service is p*ss poor and we are in a long list of unhappy customers.  I had to laugh when boyf asked the customer service advisor (if that's what they can call themselves):

Boyf: 'Does this sort of thing happen all the time or is it just us getting treated like this?'
CSA: 'Oh no Sir it happens all the time'

So that makes it all OK then!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Catching Up

Thanks to all those being patient with me right now.  I've not been blogging or commenting a lot recently due to still not having normal speed or regular internet access but fingers crossed it will be sorted this Wednesday.

Since my last post this is whats been happening:

- I FINALLY treated myself to a netbook.  I love it.  Its got up to 7 hours battery so I can go out with it without fear it will run low in the space of an hour.  It also plays movies really well so I can watch movies when I'm not writing on long journeys.  I just need to get used to typing on it!

 - My insurance company finally came through and I am getting some treatment for my bad back. I had acupuncture yesterday which I personally didn't really like but I'll try anything if it helps.  I have been told I can't go running but I can sign up for this years race 4 life so I am feeling confident about feeling better soon.

- My writing is going well.  I'm hoping to start the novel rewrite soon but for now I have been concentrating on writing stories for Womag 2 Weekly.  I love the group, the critiques and reading some really great stories.  I am planning to sub some stories next week once they have been through a final edit.

- I took part in Womag Writer's magazine swap.    I received 2 Australian womags which I intend to study well before getting some stories down under! Thank you Womag and Claire!

- Work has calmed down a lot and I feel a lot less stressed out.  I scored well in my appraisal on Friday and it turns out that arguing with my boss pays off.  He said it showed him how much I care about my work and that made me feel a lot better.  He also gave me some really good advice which I can apply to my writing which is to set myself achievable goals and to break things down into half hour segments.  I also need to be realistic about my goals and to tick things off to get a sense of achievement.  He also told me to take a cigarette break to access situations but as I don't smoke I might just ignore that but I get his point. It's all about time management and writing this blog post is something I can tick of my list.  I'm now off to get tea and a muffin (that's a very achievable goal for me).

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Teeny Tag Post

Just a quickie as the ongoing tinternet saga continues and I have a short story to get written.  (I am also off out in a bit for a spot of Birthday Bowling).

I have been tagged by Debs.  The rules are:

1. Name a song that makes you happy - This is a tough one as there are so many songs that have a positive effect on me.  Most recently a friend at work thought that Adele's Chasing Pavements was meant to be Chasing Payments.  We quickly adopted this as our theme song while doing credit control.

2. Post an image that makes you smile - This photo makes me smile as it has to be one of the most special times in my life.  The first of my siblings to tie the knot this made me really proud to have him as my brother.  Awww all growed up (gets all choked just thinking about it).

I shall tag Colette to carry this MeMe on.