Sunday, 29 May 2011

A slight blog tweak

For those of you have read my blog and have done for a while, you will know me as Lily.  I picked the pseudonym when I first started the blog - for anonimity mainly.  I still find it strange when people call me Lily, not bad strange - is there a good kind?  But after much deliberation I've decided to have my real name on here,  That's all!

Happy writing

Cheryl (and for the guy in Vodafone - yes it is just like Ms Cole's name but I had it first so ner!!)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Massive Action Day - Saturday 28th May with Jurgen Wolff



Saturday May 28


It starts at 9am UK time (10am on the Continent) and ends at 1am Sunday UK time.

On the day, pick something you want to work on and log on to our private website.

I (Jurgen) will stream a live video for about five minutes at the top of every hour with some productivity and time management tips and will give away some prizes, too.

You can use the site's chat window to declare a goal for the day and what you intend to accomplish in the next 55 minutes. When the top of the hour rolls around, come back and tell us how you did and your goals for the next session. Come for the whole day or just a couple of hours-either way you'll find it's a great way to focus and get lots done.

As usual, it's all free and it's all online. Here's where to sign up-and you do need to sign up even if you've taken part before:

Feel free to invite your friends to sign up, too, the more the merrier!

(ps: your goal doesn't have to relate to writing-it can be anything you want to accomplish).'

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cracked the womags!!!

It is with the greatest pleasure and relief that I can finally announce I have sold a story – to That’s Life! Australia. My very first sale to a Womag (to any publication actually!!)

After over a year of writing stories with Womag2Weekly I have written 20 stories, subbed 35 times and had 21 rejections. I can honestly say I never thought I’d make a sale and I was about 3 months from giving up completely. In hindsight its easy to say but I implore anyone who feels this way IT CAN HAPPEN!!!

I cannot wait to see my work in print!!!