Friday, 18 July 2008

Today I have been mostly reading.....

Great reads if I do say so myself. I loved Callistro's story. So much so it left me feeling very inspired. I am definately going to start sending work out to magazines. I just need to remind myself of the guidelines as seen on Womag Writer's blog (Thank you!). I have only had the chance to read Sarah's story from You're Note the Only One which I could really relate to. I still get mad when those girls add me on Facebook! Really winds me up - Shame my memory can't be as short as theirs.
I look forward to reading the rest later and feel even more inspired by the stories chosen to grace the pages of this wonderful book. Well done Sarah + team!

No other news to report except that I am feeling much brighter and positive. Must be all the great reading material


  1. I've got the magazine but haven't got round to reading it yet! I'm babysitting a friend's children this weekend so maybe I'll get round to it while they're asleep this evening :o)

  2. Aw, thanks for the kind comments about my story. You just really cheered me up. In a bit of funk myself, particularly as my downstairs neighbour just knocked on my door to tell me my bathroom is leaking into their ceiling. Eeeek!

  3. Karen - I can highly recommend it. I read it on the way back from the newsagents. I nearly fell over and I walked passed my boss without even noticing her. I was far too engrossed. Here's hoping they dont disturb your reading.

    Calistro - That's OK, thanks for writing it. It was a great story.
    Oh dear, sounds like you are having a nightmare. My shower is leaking also - right into the kitchen. So I have the pleasure of the Plumber's company on Monday morning. What joy!