Saturday, 26 July 2008

Raring to go

I'm in a good frame of mind for writing today. I did no writing last night. Me, boyf, 'bro in law', and 'bro in law's' girlf spent all evening playing on the wii and chasing nats around while covering our legs in bug spray. I had a few too many Savannahs while convinced they were giving me a hangover, skipping the getting pissed part and more than likely attributing to my losing every game we played. It quickly hit 3am and after the 5th 'just one more go' we decided to hit the hay. I have now been up since 10 and funnily enough I don't have a hangover (always drink water before bed - it works) but I woke to a queue for the bathroom and an urgent bladder busting urge to pee. I am now sitting in boyf's garden and am not at all bothered by the squawking Irish parrot (he really does have an Irish accent) and the 1 year old who I am sure is saying something really interesting but can't for the life of me figure out what it is. Apart from this blog I have written nothing so far today but I will. I have the entire evening ahead of me as boyf is off to a party, which I decided not to go to at the last minute. They never put anything decent on Saturday nights box (not everyone goes out on saturday don't they know) so I can't see myself getting distracted by that. I am slightly hooked on though but I'll try and steer clear of that. So watch this space and I'll report tomorrow after the assault on the garden that is taking place. Check it out, its well overdue for a haircut - you can't even see the garage at the end of it:


  1. Writing your blog still counts as writing you know! At least that's what I tell myself...

    And the garden is very pretty!

  2. Paige: it went really well. I completed 2 games on and not much else. I did about 206 words of my novel in the afternoon and then spent the evening trying to stay awake. I couldnt concentrate on it so I practiced my piano instead. I have a few pieces to learn for when my teacher comes back from her 6 wk trip and im so behind.

    Karen - yes I suppose it does although I never include it in my 100 words a day. If I did then I reckon I'd spend less time on the novel.
    Thanks you should see it now. Il post some after pics later. We filled up 10 bags of garden waste and it took 4 of us all afternoon. We had a laugh though.

  3. I love It's just as addictive as the bowling on facebook.

    Well done!

  4. If no one gets back to you about you wanting to join the Novel Racers waiting list via your comment, try emailing Liz Fenwick. I think she's an admin person for the blog. Not sure who else is!

  5. Thanks Paige, I've replied to your message via the NR blog.