Monday, 28 July 2008

Garden: Done; Writing:Ermm not so much

This is the result of all of my + 3 others hard work yesterday. 4 hours and 10 full garden waste sacks later and we were finished. Personally I think it looked better before but at least now you can see where you're going.

Writing wise I managed a measley 206 words all weekend. After many failed attempts at an entry piece for the Move it or Lose it comp I finally managed to come up with an idea I love. That wasn't until this morning on the bus of all times and places. I always seem to get inspiration on the bus to work. I can barely see straight when I get on the bus to work let alone think. I have compliled a HUUUGE list of questions for my research and sent them off to the two people who are going to provide me with some much needed help. I'll let you know how I get on by way of nudging up the progress bar hopefully before its due in on Thursday.


  1. I always get inspired in the most inopportune of places too ~I sit at my day job desk and am flooded with ideas all day long, and they've all evaporated by the time I get home!

  2. Hey Lilly - me too! Sometimes I take a bus around the city randomly just to trigger ideas. As long as I have a coffee and notebook it really works....except on bendy-busses where it is too scary to write often!:)

  3. It's when I'm walking Molly-dog that inspiration strikes, and problems fall into place. I swear I'm going to have to dedicate the book to her when it's finished!

  4. By the way Lily, how do you do that blog updating thing that you've got on the right? Looks rather clever!

  5. Best of luck for your submission.

    It certainly looks like you've been hard at work in the garden, I'm surprised you could do any writing at all after that.

  6. Kate - Me too which is why I'm so glad I have access to a computer and MS word. I tend not to get many ideas when I am in the perfect place though

    Kerry - I wouldn't want to do that voluntarily, especially in London. I spend long enough on the bus as it is and I always seem to be stood up when the ideas strike.

    Karen - Molly-dog is the most famous writer dog ever!! I think she must be your muse
    Its really cool, it saves me looking like I stalk peoples blogs so now I know when its time to check. If you click on customise on your blog, add page element and the first option is a blog roll. add that and you can just add the URLs in.

    Thanks Debs, my mum and dad answered a lot of my questions for my story today so I'l be getting onto that tonight. No I was absolutely exhausted. I'm still aching now. We had a bbq after that so it was nice to relax in the garden and look at all our hard work.