Friday, 14 March 2008

Time for a change and still procrastinating

I thought it was time for a change of blog, what do you think? I quite like this layout.
Now back to the writing. I've got a long long list of things to get though - changing my blog wasn't one of them so I dont expect much sympathy.

1.get novel up to at least 20%
2.finish short story for 1st line comp (which I wont let myself do until number 1 is finished)
4.practice for shorthand exam thought contract law notes.
3.clean house
6.remember all the other stuff i need to but am blocking it out until 1-5 have been completed


  1. Loving the new look blog!

    And listing your to-do list is a good idea. Might do that myself.

    You seem very busy! Remember to make time to have fun too.

  2. Thanks - it was a nice change.
    Dont worry I wont forget the fun if only i could remember what that was. Off out tomorrow night so am gonna try and cram as much into tomorrow day as possible.

  3. Ooh, nice new look. V. classy! I changed mine recently and I'm much happier with it but there was definitely an element of procrastinating about it :o)

    Never mind cleaning the house, you've got enough to do!

  4. I'm just taking a break from cleaning as we speak (sorry I know I am such a let down :S). I would leave it but the carpets are starting to get taller! I will make some more novel progress this weekend and if you dont see that bar move you have my permission to give me grief! I'm soo looking forward to the easter weekend. No cleaning just writing.