Saturday, 15 March 2008

Another 1%

OK so today I have been working on my novel. The bar has gone up another 1% by way of written words but as I am reworking my chapters I find myself already in the stage where I am editing slightly. I know you are probably wondering why I am bragging over a measly 1% but I really am pleased I'm getting back into it - I left it untouched for very long time and I was starting to wonder whether I would ever go back to it let alone finish it.
I also made a major character change. Basically I'd had a conversation with my boss a while back and she made a remark that I really didn’t like but kinda made me laugh (in that its so irritating you have to laugh kind of way) so I wrote it down and knew it would be something a certain one of my characters would say. Anyway I worked it in today adding something very minor to it and it just changed a major part of the plot. Now my leading male character looks completely different and I like him, hes more of a hero than the last guy I had imagined, he was sweet but in comparison perhaps a bit too drippy. Not at all what my female lead needs.

I've also decided to take part in the Texting short story competition which I found on Sally Q's site. I just need to borrow a decent mobile to write it on as my space key keeps getting stuck and changing the language to Turkish every time I write a word! I'm still working on the novel but this is only a very short short story.

I'm off now to prepare myself for a night out with the family Hopefully I wont be too hungover to write tomorrow and I might even manage to get more than 1% progress made.


  1. A short story in Turkish - now that would be a challenge!

    Well done on your 1% - it sounds like you're definitely back in the groove :o)

  2. Thanks Karen, im getting there. You are all spurring me on with all your amazing progress, I so hate being last.
    A Turkish short story. I think that would actually take me longer than my novel has!