Thursday, 29 April 2010

It's been a productive week

It's been a week since my last post and I'm pleased to say that its been a productive one.  The weekend was spent in the garden with the manuscript which I have split into 4 folders for ease of reading.  Part one of four is currently covered in red pen and black might I add as I wrote a scene which I was quite pleased with.  I started writing the novel with one main character in mind but I felt she needed someone else there, not just as a secondary best friend type character but as a strong lead who she can learn from.  That was the reason for the extra scene as in the beginning there isn't a great deal about character 2.

This week so far I have sent out three womag stories so now I have 6 stories out there and 2 left to rewrite and sub.  I now have to work on a story for the next fortnight and as such I am drawing a complete blank.  I spent last night visiting various places such as Inspiration Corner and the S/Cally Generator and even here which I quite like but I wasn't getting anywhere.  I think the problem was I was proper knackered last night and ended up retiring to bed at 9.30pm!! - its this healthy eating kick I'm on which means no choc :-(

Anyway I won't lose heart - the generators have worked for me before and I have my Womag 2 Weekly prompts so I am going to try again tomorrow night.  Tonight I am off out to a Thai restaurant for my Dad's birthday.  They do delicious food here  mmmmm must stop reading menu and drooling.


  1. Mmmm Thai food, I don't even need to look at the menu, the very mention has me drooling! Sounds like you're doing really well with the writing, best of luck with your submissions. I had a couple of rejections yesterday, don't know who from as I couldn't be bothered to open the envelopes, I'll get round to it when I've got time to re-sub.

  2. Happy Birthday to Dad and enjoy your night out. Sounds like you've earned a night off. You seem to have a lot going on. Good luck with it all.

  3. Good luck with the subs - and have a great night out with your dad. Caroline x

  4. You've been so productive, I wish I could say the same.

    Hope you have a great evening with your dad and Happy Birthday to him.

  5. Well done on getting all that writing out there. That's fantastic! You have done so well this week.

    In the past when I've felt uninspired to write anything, I've found that a picture/photograph can get me thinking in a new way and asking lots of questions about what's happening and who might come 'on the scene' next. That's what happened with my last W2W story.

    But equally sometimes a night out can do the trick too. Hope your dad had a good birthday and that the Thai restaurant was fun!

  6. Good luck with your subs, Lily! So impressed by how productive you've been! I'm drawing a blank for W2W this fortnight - I'm hoping the list of prompts inspire me! X

  7. Well done you, you've been busy. Keeping everything crossed for your subs.


  8. Here's some random story keywords for you: hedgehog babies, the smell of fresh clods of wet spring soil, limp flags, Xbox killing games, travelling by train with crowds of people going to watch the rugby at Twickenham. Hope one inspires a story. x

  9. Queenie – Thank you. Sorry to hear about the rejections - I take it they don’t accept stories by post? I won’t be eager to see the postman anymore if that is the case.

    Colette – thank you. The night out was lovely, and it was very nice to have a break from the computer. I must get on with my story for w2w though, thank goodness for bank holiday weekends!

    Caroline – thanks, you just reminded me about linking to you. I am so rubbish. Next post I promise! I’ve come across lots of lovely new blogs and websites so I shall be devoting a post to that. Thanks for stopping by and commenting too x

    Debs – I wouldn’t say that, I would say you have spent more time on the novel which I know I should be doing if I am ever go to get that subbed. Thank you – meal was great but I had way to much to eat and I had chocolate which was baaaad. Oh well!

    David – thank you! I know I am quite proud I finally managed to get all those W2W stories ‘out there’. I am just dying to say we’ve made a sale! That’s a really good idea, thanks for the tip – you could incorporate that next time you post prompts. I really liked your last story and it definitely worked for you.

    Amanda – thank you. I’ve still had no time to write as was in the Thai restaurant Thurs and Riverdance last night which was brilliant so I feel an Irish/Thai themed story coming on x

    Suzanne – Thank you, it’s a tough market to crack so now that it is out of my hands all I can do is keep everything crossed xx

    DJ – thank you so much for the prompts, they are great and I just love hedgehog babies. Boyf is currently downstairs playing Call of Duty so that’s a good one – maybe it could be about a woman driven mad by her Xbox crazed boyfriend. We just got back from my parents house and we drove through Twickenham where its Army vs Navy and there were hoards of people. I am feeling quite inspired now – thank you x

  10. Thai food - yum yum! Sounds like you had a very productive week indeed! Good luck with the edits.

  11. I think it goes without saying that I ADORE Thai food...hubby and I are going to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary soon and will be in London...perhaps we'll check out the restaurant!!

    Good luck with the subs and I'm sure a story will come :-)

    C x

  12. Hi Talli, thank you! The editing amongst all the writing still continues but I love it really. Thanks for dropping in.

    Carol - I can definately recommend it but I've been to a few thai food restaurants and they are all just as lovely as the next.

    Thank you - got a story in the end. I wrote it, then lost it...then rewrote it. I got there in the end though :S