Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Back in the saddle

Yes more terrible sayings ahoy...

I am back on the horse.  I have resubbed my rejected story today to Woman's Weekly.  I very much doubt it will be accepted (yes confidence knocked quite a bit but they are a tough market).  Why did I chose WW I hear you cry?  Well my reasons are threefold:

1. I checked out the guidelines on Womag's blog and I saw at least 3 times a mention of them willing to accept crime/mystery stories.
2. I was going to sub to TABFF as I know they sometimes run a 'crime time' story but I already have 2 stories I want to sub there and I don't want to bombard them.
3. This reason is quite a lazy one.  I had already subbed to The Weekly News who require double quotes for speech as do WW so it seemed silly to change to single for TABFF and then back again.

In other news I have dusted off the novel that has been resting since October.  It's very daunting but the foundations have been laid and now I just have to build on them (that was the last one I promise)


  1. You've done the right thing in sending it straight back out. Will keep everything crossed for good news soon.


  2. Definately the right thing to do - getting it back out there. have just realised where I'm going wrong with TABFF - I always double quote for speech. I hadn't noticed that on their guidelines. Who am I kidding? I think it'll take more than that to get Norah to like my stuff.

  3. Thanks Suzanne, I really hope it finds a home. I'm keeping positive xx

    Colette - You never know. If they are quite strict that could be the reason. But I have decided that one mans junk is another mans treasure (there I go again with the clichés - its like an illness!)

  4. Well done for getting straight back in the saddle. It's hard when your confidence receives knocks.

    Good luck with your subs.

  5. Yes, keep going!
    By the way, I LOVE the title of your blog!!!!!!

  6. I managed to access your blog (woo hoo!!)...I've not been able to for ages!!

    I totally agree with everyone else...get it back out there! The rejection doesn't mean that it's not good it just means that it's not right for them. You'll find your story a good that's just right :-)

    C x

  7. Debs - double thanks Debs. I just have to develop thicker skin. Although saying that if I didnt care then I probably wouldn't care about the writing so much.

    Lindsey - Thank you. I'm glad you like the name and thanks for visiting. I'll pop round yours in a bit.

    Carol - yay!! not sure what happened there but glad its sorted now. Thanks for the lovely words :)