Thursday, 8 April 2010

Beatiful Blogger Award

Sorry for the bad bloggage of late.  There's not really been a lot of news on the writing front.  Work has been hectic and my holiday feels like a million years ago.  Luckily I have planned the next trip away.  Myself, boyf and my parents are off to Jersey for four days in June.  I am looking forward to the long weekend and of course we have family there so it will be lovely to see them again.

Today I got a lovely fresh new book in the post.   Your Writing Coach - Jurgen Wolff which I saw advertised over on Calistro's blog.  I had some points on my Waterstones card so it only ended up costing me about £3.  I had a quick read on my bus ride home and I think that's £3 very well spent.  I'll keep you posted on what I learn from reading it.

Also, and this brought a smile to my face while waiting for the bus this morning checking my emails.  The lovely Suzanne has awarded me The Beautiful Blogger Award:

In getting this I can pass this on to ten other bloggers so here goes:

1. Calistro -  I have learnt so much from her blog
2. Debs - for having the most awesome shed I have ever seen!
3. Karen - for always writing side splitting posts and her help with my first womag story
4. Amanda - for setting up the wonder that is Womag 2 Weekly
5. DJ Kirkby - for liking my captions and making me laugh with wild and wonderful pictures every Wednesday
6. Carol - for displaying beautiful works of art and sharing her recipes
7. Emily - for never giving up and for her great column over at novelicious
8. Suzanne - I know she gave this to me but I want to award her with it for her great comments and stories on W2W.
9. Womag Writer - My go to blog whenever I want to sub a story.  I love her blog!
10. Colette - another fellow W2W.  A great critiquer and writer.


  1. Congratulations on your award and thanks very much for nominating me for it.x

    Hope you enjoy your trip to Jersey in June and if you have any free time when you're here give us a call.

  2. Well done on your award! And thank you very much for mine! :o)

    Have a wonderful little holiday! I'm jealous! I want a holiday and it doesn't look like I'll get one. :O(

  3. Oh thank you!!!!! Enjoy your hol. xo

  4. Debs - No worries. That would be lovely. I shall deffo do that!

    Emily - Thanks, I cannot wait. All work and no play makes me a miserable sod!

    DJ - Thank you :)

    Colette - no worries

    Congrats all!!

  5. That sounds like a great book - am off to order it now.


  6. Actually, it must be somewhere in one of my tbr piles - I apparently purchased it on 30 June 2007. Thank goodness for Amazon's instant order update.


  7. Thanks so much, Lily - You've made my day x

  8. Suzanne - lol its a great book. I've been reading it every day and I'm loving it.

    Amanda - my pleasure, glad to make your day!

  9. and now I can access your blog...

    Thank you honey...put a big smile on my face when I saw your comment :-D

    C x

  10. Carol - No worries, glad to make you smile :) x