Tuesday, 2 March 2010

About time too!

No I haven't been published, nor have I received a massive cheque for any amazing stories I may have written.  I know it's a long time coming but that isn't my news.


Only 3 months late but I'm not one to complain...much.  Normal blogging/commenting/surfing/procrastinating shall resume.  I am slightly afraid that my writing will suffer as a result of me now having the gift of website surfage but I shall try and be good.  I can now start my course...well after I get back from holiday at the end of March.

I now have another womag story 'out there'.  One at My Weekly and the other with the Weekly News which I sent yesterday.  I did receive an immediate response from the Editor but only to tell me I'd hear back in around a month. Not sure if that's a good thing but I won't dwell, I shall just work on more stories for my short story group Womag 2 Weekly and get them out into the big wide world.


  1. I wouldn't survive without me broad band

  2. So relieved you have an internet connection now. Mind you I think a few days without one might be nice, but only if you chose not to have it.

  3. Whoo hoo, internet. I'm with Niamh, it would be like cutting off my arm. I don't know how you've managed, apart from that you've had to. But I'm also with Debs, it's great to have a few days off but then you come back to loads of checking... x

  4. I'm like Niamh and L-plate. I'm lost without my internet so I think you deserve a medal!

    I lost my internet for one night and I thought my world had ended. Luckly Boyf came to the rescue! lol

    Glad to have you back! :o)

  5. That's standard practice for The Weekly News so it's not a bad sign. Good luck with both of the submissions. I never realised how much I used the internet until I couldn't get a reliable connection.

  6. Ah nothing like feeling connected to 'out there' again!

  7. I'm lost without the Internet! Good luck with your subs - The Weekly News usually reply within a month :o)

  8. Niamh – I can’t remember what we did without it. Luckily I had the dongle and work internet so I got by. Not moving again for a long time!

    Debs – Me too! You’re right there. I sometimes like to switch off from the interworld but its nice to know you can go back when you want.

    L-plate – lol I was lucky having the dongle and it didn’t cost me anything to have it. It was just soooooo slow and I have no patience!

    Emily – oooh thanks. Maybe I should make myself one lol This is where I am glad work in an office where I have to have internet. I wasn’t completely cut off which was lucky. I still want the medal though just for having to deal with SKY!!

    Colette – Oh thanks, I feel better now and it was so nice to get an immediate reply from Billy anyway. It was a nice touch.

    Kerry – I know, thanks heavens for mobile internet though…and dongles. I also appreciate the speed of proper internet now as well.

    Karen – Thank you!! I’m glad it wasn’t an immediate rejection at least. I just need to get more out there. the womag group has meant I have a few stories now that can be edited and sent.