Thursday, 4 March 2010

Here in my car...

So following my accident back in December it has only taken my insurance company Diamond 3 months to inform me that my car 'Maisy' is a Total Loss.  I am gutted.  My Dad bought me my Peugeot 106 for my 21st and now sadly 8 years later I have to say goodbye.  I am very upset.

As the accident was not my fault I have been supplied with a courtesy car until my money comes through.

So in the space of 1 day I have gone from a red Peugeot 106 with a pink bonnet, rattling exhaust and mouldy windows

to this.....

I don't want to sound ungrateful but I really don't like it.  It's too new and shiny for my liking.  The brakes work too well which means I pratically hit my head on the dashboard every time I even so much as tap the brake pedal.  It's too smooth a ride and its unnerving.  I miss driving in my tin can and being able to feel every bump in the road and actually being able to hear the engine.  It has power steering though and OMG I have never parked so quickly in my life!!

No writing news today as this whole car business has been stressing me out.  I will get on with my story for my short story group tomorrow.  I bought two magazines today, Yours and Peoples Friend.  I might try and aim for these markets but I need to take a look first as I know they are aimed at an older market.  The stories look eye catching to me though so I might be able to try my hand at this market.


  1. I know what you mean about your car. Mine is rather battered, all my fault unfortunately, but I love driving it and wouldn't want to change it.

  2. Debs - I will be very upset when my car is scrapped. It's been a dream. Mind you I think I might be starting to like the new one which is not good as I could never afford it nor would I pay that much for a car!

  3. Oh I know exactly how you feel. I thought that I'd never love another car as much as my first one but my current one is giving it a run for its money.

  4. I'm laughing..not at you but at your reaction to your courtesy car! Good luck with your story subbing. x

  5. You do get attached, don't you. Especailly when it was a special present. But I'd still swap you my tin can for the nice new shiny in a heartbeat.

    Hope they sort the insurance stuff out for you soon.


  6. It's funny how our old cars become a bit like pets - I can't imagine not driving mine, which is called The Blue Beast! Hopefully you'll get a new one soon and fall in love with it :o) Good luck with your story - my first ever was published in Yours.

  7. Oh, I can empathise entirely - my beloved VW Polo was riddled with rust after being bombarded by the cruel seas before I moved to good ole' Blighty and it was prone to not-going at all.

    When it was written off by a deer, I was stuffed completely by my insurance company who left me for 3 months without a decision or replacement car before kindly giving me £3.27 with which to buy a new car.

    I hope you find a new four-wheeled love very soon...

  8. Colette – I must say the power steering has already convinced me. I had never realised it was so easy to park a car!

    DJ – lol I know its bad how I am intimidated by it. Thanks – am planning to get at least 3 out next week. Managed no writing in the end as spent most of the weekend sorting out paperwork x

    Suzanne - I would love to swap but I have to give this one back at some point and then I shall be car less :( I am debating about seeing through the summer without a car, well I might not have the choice as I have no money for a new or even old car xx

    Karen – lol The Blue Beast I love it! Thanks, I am definitely going to sub there – just need to write something. At the moment all I can write is angry letters to insurance companies!

    Spiral – lol you make me laugh! I have just received word from the ins. Co. that as I agreed to pay the policy in full which runs out in July, and due to the fact I only pay in monthly instalments they will deduct the remainder of the policy fee from my claim money for the car. So in effect I am likely to owe them money. Such is life and I really hate Diamond!!! (and Sky)