Saturday, 30 January 2010

What's on your page 69?

Just a quicky post as dinner is almost ready (mmmm boyf is making home-made burgers) and I am still having tinernet issues.

I wanted to share with you something I heard on Saturday Kitchen on ermm Saturday.  Laila Rouass of Footballer's wives fame was on the show and shared with chef James Martin that if you want to see if a book is going to be good to turn to page 69 and if you like what you read there then you will probably enjoy the whole thing.  Interesting I thought.  Whats on page 69 of my book I wondered?  So I loaded up the dusty old word document and what was going on there?

A crucial page turning part of my story!!! My main character gets a letter from someone and it's a stonker.  I won't say anymore but it's a real page turner I can assure you!! So what's going on in your page 69?  Maybe your own WIP or just the book you're reading now?  Or even a fave book?  Be interesting if this works!


  1. It works! Looked at mine - it's a bit of a climactic scene alright! interesting

  2. Phew! Just checked my ms and it's fine. What a relief. I've never heard of this, but like it.

  3. Niamh - yay! I'm going to dig out some of my favourite books and see whats happening there. Worth making sure there's something good happenening there if people do that.

    Debs - I know I was like that. So pleased I had something gripping in there, and glad you do too!

  4. Ooooh, now I want to read your story...

  5. Yes, I want to read it too, Lily! Off to find out what's on page 69 of my MSs! Interesting x

  6. I've tagged you over at my blog.

  7. Pretty random idea but I'm gunna try it, gotta start reading a book for uni let's see... Seems pretty epic, someone's been arrested. Sounds interesting, let's hope the rest of the book is :)

    SE x

    P.S You made me want to read your story :)

  8. Suzanne - just the reaction I was hoping for. One day...I hope!

    Amanda - thanks, I really need to start the rewrite and hopefully one day I can share it.

    Debs - thanks! heading over now :)

    SE - oo that sounds good. Enjoy the read.