Monday, 22 September 2008

Writing or Reading?

I confess - that suggestion in the Black Box came from me so if it gave you a headache I apologise. In the million or so times I've clicked on the widget so far I have only come across that one once and I could not answer it so I felt bad for adding that one in. I think however, I can answer it now. I haven’t read anything in a while but over my less than brilliant week I’ve found comfort in my book of the moment 'The Accidental Wife' by Rowan Coleman. When things get a bit much it's there to take me away from things for a bit and it makes me feel happy again. It doesn't make things go away but it puts them on hold for a bit. Aaahhhh the power of a good book! I bought it and started reading it ages ago and then fell into a reading funk where I was going to bed too late and being too busy to soak in the bath. Now I’m right in the thick of it and I’m loving it. Only, now I don’t feel like writing! So I think that decision is answerable for some (me in particular) right now. I have decided to apply for Eurofiction (once my registration is confirmed) after seeing it on Calistro's blog so I think that will give me a big kick up the bum. Sorry to any people whisked here by the Black Box - I'm not normally this depressing!


  1. There must be something going around, you are not alone in your feelings. I have a bunch of friends in the same boat. (man I hope it isn't me doing it... LOL )

  2. Hang in there. I went through it a couple of weeks ago. But that is what makes a blog. Not always happy go lucky. But what you are really feeling.

    Hang in there!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a less than brilliant week....I hope next week is loads better!!

    I love when a book grabs you and you are whisked away to another world or another life....I think that's why I love books more than films. In a film you are given someone else's idea of what something looks like but with a book you are more free to create your own images.

    Good luck with Eurofiction

    Chin up hon

    C x

  4. So glad you explained that, as the whole writing/reading choice has been bothering me. But actually you make perfect sense!


  5. When I came across that choice I think it depended on what mood I was in. Because I'm a big reader as well as a writer I can see both worlds. So when I feel like a writer I choose Writer and when I feel like a reader I choose Reader.

    I feel like a reader/writer version of Jekyll and Hyde. I see the book world through the eyes of a reader and as a writer and it's difficult sometimes. Especially since I read and write the same genre.

    For example, websites like Read It Swap It and Green Metropolis. I can see how wondeful book swapping sites like that are for readers but for writers they are the pits - no one is actually buying your books. It's awkward.

    Good luck for Eurofiction! And sorry for the long post!

  6. Ken - lol no its certainly not you. Its just how I get and I know I'm not the only one. I will snap out of it (hopefully in time for Eurofiction)

    Thanks SSC - that means a lot and you are right. To be honest even though I haven't felt like blogging much it did make me feel better when I did post. Its like therapy but cheaper.

    C - thanks for your kind words. I hate feeling down and letting silly things get me down in the first place. Things can only get better. Now if I can just get some perspective!

    Caroline - I'm glad I cleared things up for you. Its an annoying one I know but its one of those 'it depends' ones. Thats a first for me... making sense that it lol

    Paige - I am exactly the same so I totally agree with you there. I must go check those sites out now!!

    Thanks for the luck too. Now I just need to get my mojo back.

  7. Hope you're feeling better.

    I've also registered for the Eurofiction, it looks good and I need something to spur me on.

  8. Thanks Debs - I am feeling better and I've managed to get my 100 words done every day this week. I cant wait for Eurofiction. I've a good feeling about it.

  9. I love the way reading can take you away from everything, and I'm finding that writing does the same thing these days. Hang in there :o)

  10. Hi Karen! - I just need to get focused again and I think taking part in Eurofiction will do that.