Monday, 29 September 2008

It's been a whole year....

...and what a great year it's been. I've made friends who are as passionate about writing as I am, I'm getting my very first story published in two weeks and most importantly I still want to be a writer.

I am renowned for starting things and not seeing them though. But a year later and I am still here. I think writing this blog instills the mentality in me to do what I say I'm going to. My dad bought me a piano 4 years ago and I am finally having piano lessons; I vowed to do at least one exercise class a week and I am no longer the most uncoordinated person in my Aquafit class; I said I would get published, I never thought I would but it's happening. I have a shitty day and I blog about it and things don't seem so bad anymore. Especially when I read the lovely comments left for me. I have more determination to get off my arse and try new things. That way I have something to tell you all. If I didn't do I couldn't say. It's as simple as that.

This is the start of another blog year, no more funks, for at least a month anyway!! I shall be busying myself with shorties for the next 20 weeks. Yes, that's right I'm registered on Slingink. As soon as tomorrow rolls around with my wages (FINALLY) I shall be applying to take part in Eurofiction. I'll either be talking about that a bit or I won't be talking much at all. I hope that wont be the case but I'll still be doing the rounds with my stranger than strange comments and adding more annoying options into the Blackbox. See, I'm feeling better already.
Please have a slice of blog cake and join me in my 1st blogday celebrations!!



  1. Happy Blog Birthday!

    What a lovely post! Blogging is great isn't it? I never thought I'd still be blogging nearly 2 years on - my blog's 2nd birthday is at the end of October.

    You sound so determined and focused! I'm so jealous!

    Good luck with Eurofiction!

    P.S. Thanks for the slice of cake! YUM! x

  2. I had my first year last month, And started a new one then also.

    It is neat when you tink back to the begining.

    Congrats and my we get many more from you.

  3. Happy Blog Birthday, Lily! :o)

    It's great isn't it - looking back and seeing how much you've progressed and how much you've still got to look forward to. I won't be doing Eurofiction this year but I think there are a few posts on it from previous years if you type 'eurofiction' or 'slingink' into the search option on my blog.

  4. Happy Blog year!

    I've been reading your blog via Kerry's window and I have finally built up the courage to say Hi!

    At the moment I feel exactly how you described - will I be able to keep up this blogging!

    Jessica :)

  5. Thanks Paige, blogging is my favourite past time apart from writing that is (its the same really but not...)

    Ken - Thankyou, there is definately more from me. I don't think I'll be starting a new one as I dont feel like I'm very far with this one yet. It's like a blog baby - exhausting and rewarding and so not ready for another one just yet!

    Calistro - thanks, I googled Eurofiction the other day and one of your posts from last year appeared so I was straight onto your site. I shall definately be seeking solace in your site over the coming weeks.

    Jessica - Thank you so much for saying Hi. I hope you manage to bounce back. Whenever I feel like that I remember how much it helps even if I only blog once a week. I tell myself its quality not quantity and I never want to compromise on my writing just to make an appearance. Everyone is great and they are still there supporting no matter how long it takes to get another post done.

  6. Happy Blog Birthday- Long may it continue!

    I was directed by the box thingy, and loved reading your post.

    Take Care
    Merlins wizard

  7. merlin's wizard - thanks for visiting :)

  8. Better late than never, but Happy Bloggy Birthday from me too!

    I like what you say "writing the blog instills the mentality in me to do what I say I'm going to."

  9. What a lovely post Lily :o) Congratulations and here's to many more posts (or not, if you're busy writing!)

  10. Thanks Trousers - it really does but its all a bit quiet on the blogging front. I am busy writing though so I'm keeping it to one post a week until i find my feet.

    Karen - thank you! I hope to post a lot more often but I'l be a bit quiet for a while. I aim to do the rounds of my fave blogs soon. I promise!!

  11. Happy Blog Birthday hon!! (Am just catching up with everyone's back on Saturday and am currently jet lagged out of my tiny mind!!).

    I always find that friendship isn't very easily described....I kinda wish that we had better words to describe it (The Eskimos aparently have a hundred different words for snow!!) but instead of different words we've got simple adjectives. Close friend. Best friend. Childhood friend. Trusted friend. Blog friend.

    Thanks for being one of mine :-)

    C x

  12. C - aww thanks that means a lot. I feel the same about people on here. I never thought I could feel so connected or inspired by people I had never met before. Amazing. Thank you :)