Monday, 26 November 2007


I'm still here, don't worry I haven't given up. I'm waning slightly but I'll never give up. I have loads of new ideas floating around in my head. Why is it I keep thinking of them when I'm on the bus and I can't do anything except for type them into my rubbish phone (with keys that have a mind of their own). My main priority is Confidence in Me and as you can see I made a teeny tiny amount of progress which is better than none. I fully intend to finish this next year (before May) and I am hoping to find a creative writing class too which will help me along.


  1. It might look a bit daft but keep a small notepad in your bag and jot down any ideas you get! I tried to do it and it was successful for a wee while then I ended up just having lots of different bits of paper lying around! lol!

  2. yes that the problem i had. i have a bag full of pens though. My pad always gets torn and covered in something icky lol. I also never used it when it was in there. Its sods law because its only when i dont have it that I get ideas. I will try it again however. Cheers :)