Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Back to School: Week 5

This week we reviewed section twenty of Stephen King's 'On Writing'.  Here he is saying that we should only take so much notice of what other people say.  It also gives a good quick lesson on self editing and also finding a good one!

Building Characterisation

Here we looked at Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

Group activity
Complete two lists for a character.  One with traits that the outsider sees and one that the individual feels.  I used Jim Parson's character Sheldon Cooper as a good example of this.

Outsiders view                       Individual
A show off/arrogant               Intelligent/genius
Rude                                       Struggles with empathy
Stand offish                            Doesn’t get social queues
Cold in emotion                      Anxious
Untrusting                               Trustworthy
Blunt                                       Honest
Not flexible                             Reliable


Complete Christmas short story if time.  Focus on developing your character(s) in as much detail.  Write this in narrative style.  Complete a plot outline in bullet point format.

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