Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Still working and Holiday

OK so swimming is not happening tonight (she says glad of the excuse). I am still at work waiting for some urgent paperwork to come in so I can send out a contract. So I am taking the oppotunity to tell you about my holiday as promised. I shall add the pics later.
Boyf and I visited Feuterventura where we stayed in the beautiful Oasis Papagaya apartments. The place was HUGE, and we needed to consult the map to find our way to the 3 massive swimming pools and the private Jacuzzi. There was a bowling alley in the grounds which we visited on our first night there. We were outnumbered by the 3 members of staff there and we had our pick of the 10 lanes and 2 pool tables. The weather was hot but not too hot and I managed not to get scorched or have my mobile nicked like in the last holiday. Boyf was excited to discover the only shop selling Haviana flip flops and added another pair to his collection of about 20 pairs of flip flops which yes he does wear come rain or shine. The food was lovely, I wasn't impressed with the meat paella which was essentially a bowl of rice with some random bits of beef buried under the avalanche of Stodge. That said the restaurants were all lovely and the waiters were all friendly and willing to take pictures of loving couples - no mobile phone pinching going on in this place! We spent our second to last day visiting the sand dunes which were a lot like the sahara only nowhere near as hot but the sand is like talcum power. We stumbled upon a nudy beach which seemed to go on for miles. I felt a bit overdressed in my bikini! The week was spent soaking up the sun and not really thinking about anything else. I did try and log onto the Eurofiction site but it wouldn't come up with the log in page for some strange reason. I therefore didn't get to spend the week dreaming up an idea for my next story but luckily the prompts were really good so I didn't have trouble coming up with a story this time around.
It was sadly raining when we arrived home and the cold weather was a shock to the system but it was sooo nice to get back to my own bed. Now I just need to count down the days until the next one.

random pool pic and boyf's feet...

Happy with the fab four and my mini pint...

Nice waiter took our photo...

A good reason not to set up self-timer after too many mini pints...

Kites leading way to nudy beach. Sorry no nudy pics on this blog...


  1. Ooohhh your holiday sounds fab...except for the bit about the random pieces of beef in your rice!! I'm glad you had a great time hon

    C x

  2. Sounds like a good holiday. This nudy beach sounds quite interesting... there has to be a story there somewhere! That reminds me of an email I got, I'll have to send you it! ;)

  3. C - it was lovely and very relaxing. I could do with another one already though!

    Paige - Eeeuuuwwww those pics were gross but made me giggle like a naughty school girl.