Wednesday, 19 November 2008

What's been happening in the last month

I am officially published...

I mentioned this before but I can finally see the proof with my own eyes! My short story 'Cutting the cord' which I entered into the 5photostory Competition didn't make the shortlist but it has been published in an anthology called 43 'L' plates. Not bad for one story in the first five I sent 'out there'. I am made up to be able to see it in print with my name above it! This was a difficult story to write, having to link 5 pictures - a dog, scissors, L Plate, Railway and a padlock, was not an easy job so it's extra special to see it in print. Now I just need to climb out of my cloud and write some more decent stories... more on my lack of these in my next post.

AHH it's so nice to be back.


  1. Congratulations Lily. It's a great feeling to see your work in print isn't it! :o)

  2. OMG Lily that is fab news!!! Congratulations!! I shall definately be buying a copy and I shall proudly tell everyone that you are my blog friend!!

    C x

  3. That's brilliant news, Lily - well done :o)) It's such a boost when that happens, you'll be writing away like mad now!

  4. Calistro - thank you, it was thanks to your blog really so thank you timesamillion.

    Ken - yay go me.. thank you

    Thanks Bear

    C - I know i still can't believe it. I never thought I would ever get a story published. Now I just have to look at that when I start doubting myself.
    I now just need to prove I'm not a one trick pony. Oh and the story is under my real name not Lily but you know the story name if you wish to read it. Thanks for your support. it means a lot.

    Thanks Karen - a boost yes, but I'm not quite at the writing like mad stage just yet. I will get back there though.