Monday, 20 April 2009

Who says I can't do two things at once!

In my bid to get fit for race4life I decided to combine my training with a little hobby of mine. About 5 years ago my dad, who is 49 today (or so he says!!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way, introduced me to something called Geo caching. Heard of it? Whenever I have been on any job interviews and the interviewer sees this rare commodity hiding in amongst my love of reading, writing and ...ahem watching tv I always get asked ‘What is geo caching’? I’m sure they could google it but I indulge them by explaining it the best way I know how. It’s a cross between treasure hunting and orienteering with a GPS. My dad could explain it better I’m sure but it could get technical, for me anyway. There are hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands even, of hidden caches all over this country and many others that are waiting to be found.

If you love discovering new sights and learning new things while getting some exercise then I have to recommend this to you. My dad and I have seen so many beautiful sights through this activity and its great having a shared interest in something which I see as quite cult.
So on Saturday I successfully managed to locate a local cache which was 1.29 miles from my house. Nice and easy one and I was impressed with its location. I didn’t realise that this particular railway station where it was located was so close to my house. It took me about 20 minutes to combine running with walking and staring at the geocache application on my phone. Unfortunately however it now feels as though someone has repeatedly kicked me in the shins. I shall however soldier on.

If your still thinking 'what the hell is she going on about' follow this link and click on hide and seek a cache to see whats in your area:


  1. Heya, It's my dad's bday today! (I bet they've the same personality because of astrology - does yours have OCD when it comes to drying dishes?) weirdly he too is 49. The geocaching looks fun alright, but would you need fancy watches to tell you where to go etc?
    think I'll definitely be trying it out some time over the summer, so thanks for sharing it...

  2. For my dad to have OCD when drying dishes he would actually have to dry a dish. Saying that he does have a dishwasher so I can't really say much.
    No fancy watched needed. You either need a gps or you can download an application to a mobile phone that has internet. My dad usually deals with the more technical side of geochaching. I'm just really good at finding them.

  3. My dad was 49 until he reached 70. Then he started getting proud of his age and adding to it instead!

  4. I'll have to stall my age a bit otherwise my dad will end up younger than me!