Thursday, 25 June 2009


A while ago I linked to and posted about my love of Geocaching. Bookcrossing is just like this but with yep you guessed it... books. The concept is simple, once you finish a book and want to pass it on you can register the book on the site and leave the book in the wild. You can also search in your area to see what books have been left recently in charity shops, pubs, airports, tubes, buses and even your local parks.

If your interested and you have a spare 5 mins you can:

It takes a couple of minutes to register your details, name, address, you know the usual

Go hunting...
There are currently 6,036 out there in the wild in Britain. It also includes Thailand, the USA and Ireland to name but a few.

I am yet to register a book (as I'm being a lazy reader and writer) but once I do I'll be leaving it somewhere for someone to find. Hopefully I'll find a novel racers work (not that I don't buy them already but it would still be cool to find one!)


  1. That's a brilliant idea!! Though was relieved to see it's not really the wild - ie forests etc, that the books are left in, I could see them getting very soggy over here!
    I will be investigating. Thanks

  2. I joined bookcrossers a few years ago and encouraged everyone I know to get's utterly brilliant!! (and very exciting when someone finds your book!!)

    C x

  3. Niamh - Someone said they had left their books under a rain shower which i thought was a bit pointless. you do get the odd odd ones here and there but it looks like a lot of fun.

    C - I'm so glad you've tried and liked it. I am looking forward to leaving my first book 'out there'.