Sunday, 21 June 2009

Writing Again and Confessions

So most of yesterday was spent delving back into my novel world (and also having a facial, shopping and preparing food for a picnic today). I spent a good half hour trying to figure out why I had more words in YWriter than my word document. I couldn't figure it out when I compared each chapters word counts. YWriter is now empty of all chapters and with a new deadline of 24/12/09 I now have a new daily word count of 302 words. I have so far managed 129 words today and once I get back from said picnic later I shall make up the rest of the daily word count and maybe some more. Also with my 100 words met I was able to post on the 100 words a day blog again which was a good boost.

In other news....

I'm not writing a review for this one but I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and all I will say is I really really.....





LOVED IT. I eat my previous words because I think Isla Fisher was brilliant as Rebecca and although I would of course read the books any day over watching the film(s) I thought what was managed to be condensed into under 2 hours was really funny and enjoyable to watch.


  1. Hope you had a lovely picnic.

    I've just started writing a new book and am relieved to finally be able to add my word count to 100 Words per day.

    I haven't seen this film yet, but am glad to hear that it's worth watching.

  2. I loved it too and thought Isla Fisher was perfect :o) Great luck with your deadline, I'm sure you'll do it!

  3. Oooohhh a picnic....I've not had a picnic in years!!! Perhaps next weekend if the weather is good!!

    Good luck with your deadlines and congratulations on getting those 100 words done :-)

    C x

  4. Deb - yes it was lovely thanks. shame it had to end though.
    Good luck with the new book!

    Karen - she was. almost adorable i'd say. Im looking forward to the next one :)

    Carol - its meant be good weather here this weekend which doesnt bode well for me as i am running race for life :( Thank you :)