Sunday, 20 September 2009

How I seem to be writing so much right now

Thanks to all the kind words over my ever increasing word count. I am still aiming to be finished by 8th October, ready to take to Cyprus with me for my mum to go through it. My word count currently stands at 57,775 words which is still a way off but I'm going for a daily word count target of just over 1000 words which I've been exceeding. I've managed about 2,000 words today so this is just a quick blog post before I get back to it. While I have a daily word count to stick to I realise that it is still important to have a life so I have to make up for days I've missed at the weekend. Today I have to make up for Thursday where I went to see Ray Lamontagne at the Royal Albert Hall. It was the first time I had been there and I was amazed. It's a beautiful building. Ray was amazing, I cannot get over his voice.

Some of you wonder how I've managed to fit the writing in and keep it going. Well firstly there's:

Speed - I type pretty fast. I make shed loads of spelling mistakes which future me can deal with but for now I think dealing with spelling mistakes will only disturb my flow.

Wine – this tends to help when I've been at work and need to relax. I don’t have a problem, it's just the one glass of wine, not bottle. It is amazing where my imagination goes when I've had a drink or two. I still have to do the read through so I wouldn't take this as a tip or anything.

My family - I get plenty of encouragement from them. My mum tells me off for farting around on face book. She is in Cyprus but still she knows these things. My sister constantly sends me well done messages on my word count which along with all yours is a real boost. And my dad, constantly helping out with my research aids and as it's just us living in the gaff while my other 2 supporters cheer me on in sunny Cyprus, he never moans when I come in from work and park myself on my bed, lap top on lap and I don’t resurface until the word count is complete.

Treats - after every 1000 words (500 on weeknights) I allow myself a treat, be it a glass of wine, a quick peak at facebook or a look at someones blog. I remain strict with it though and it seems to be working.

Novel Racers - Ever since I became an official racer I've not stopped with the writing. Also Helen's 100 words a day blog helps as well!

I haven’t become a total hermit. I have a boyf, who is totally understanding when I say I have to write. He doesn’t mind having to go to the pub with the lads instead. Also my friends have all ventured into the world of motherhood so are a little preoccupied lately. but hey, this is my baby so I can't complain.

Also this writing increase has only been a recent thing, so I've not been that good. I starting writing my novel 2 years ago. I've faffed, procrastinated, taken lengthy breaks, concentrated on short stories. Only now am I finally getting my arse into gear. I hope to finish soon, and move to phase 2 in the new year. So while I'm not working my fingers to the bone (quite literally) I can concentrate on blogging more.


  1. Sounds like a great plan Lily!

    Well done on the word count and best of luck with achieving your first draft. I've just started book three, love first drafting. Not quite as much as second drafting where everything gets sorted but first draft is the only time when you have a free reign to let the words do the talking...x

  2. I like the fact that you are so disciplined. I am usually too wiped out to write on week nights but I set my alarm for 4.30 0r 5am on the weekend and write until N3S wakes up. I managed almost 6000 words this weekend which is an all time record.

  3. You are doing so well!! I am very impressed with your dedication...keep it up hon!!

    C x

  4. L-Plate Author - Thank you! Good luck with book 3. I'm nervous about the 2nd draft but its all a new experience for me either way.

    DJ Kirkby - thanks, I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel so I think thats whats keeping me going as well. I couldnt get up that early, I'm not really a morning person. Well done on the 6000 words. Thats more than I managed. I might have to try and beat your record!!

    C - thanks so much, that means a lot.

  5. Going great guns:)

    I know what you mean about fingers and bone. Do you think we could get padded gloves?

  6. Fia - Thanks, I think I will keep an eye out. Either that or I am gonna need new keys for my lap top.

  7. Wow Lily. I wish I could manage that amount of writing especially on worknights. I like the idea of a glass of wine as a reward. I tend to have that without doing the work. My typing is horrendous. There are red and green lines everywhere. Good luck finishing the first draft.

  8. Thanks Colette, lol I sometimes have the wine without the writing as well. And I'm with you on the red and green lines. It's very colourful my novel lol

  9. Oh my god I've only just seen this blog post (I'm very behind with my blog reading!). I think I saw the same Ray La Montagne gig as you! Brilliant wasn't he? Where were you sitting? I was up in the gods to the right of the stage and me and my friend got told off for talking by a very huffy man!

  10. OMG I KNEW I had seen you that night. I got there and saw a woman (whom I now realise probably was you) who looked just like you having a drink in the very overpriced bar! We were sat 8 rows back in the centre which were great seats. I thought it was an amazing gig, he has such a great voice. The couple in front of me were told off for chatting by a huffy man too (but it deffo wasnt you!)