Sunday, 13 September 2009

Writing, catching up with friends and looking miserable behind Derren Brown

I managed to stop just shy of 50000 words complete today. I think that makes it roughly 9,000 words this week which isn't bad as I've had a bit of a busy week socially speaking. As you'll have seen from my last post I went to see Inglourious Basterds with boyf on wednesday (which can I just reiterate is bloody brilliant!), thursday I had the day off to go and see Derren Brown tell us how he predicted the lottery which aired on Friday. You may have seen me looking a bit miserable behind him. This was because it took about 4 hours to film and my feet were killing me. Still, he was very nice chatting to people between takes. I wish I could remember the name of the warm up guy on the Derren Brown show because he was so so funny and kept us in belly laughs between takes.

Then on Friday I went with a friend to see Dorian Gray. I didn't do a review for this as I have not had time. Hopefully I will get time tomorrow but I will say I didn't really enjoy it so much but I am so glad Colin Firth was in it because I might just had walked out halfway through. Still I like to keep an open mind and I have seen worse (Dance Flick anyone??)

Saturday was meant to be a catch up day writing wise but a good friend of mine was in town so we met for coffee and I spent the rest of the day in the pub soaking up what was left of the sun. I don't feel at all guilty because I do think I earnt it. I have been typing away so much this week I might be starting to wear down my fingerprints.

I also did a teeny bit of procrastinating where I came across this great site. If you click on the pic above you can see some other great pics and I especially love the 'will write for chocolate' merchandise. It's almost as if it were made especially for me as the half eaten giant bag of M&M's at my side will prove.

Anyway I shall leave it there as I am hoping to have this novel finished in.... dare I say it.... 3 weeks. Just in time for my trip back to Cyprus to see my Mum who has so kindly agreed to read over the first draft with me. Ahhhhh proof reading friend!!!


  1. that's brilliant going... well done and keep it up!

  2. So how did Derren Brown do it? I'm flummoxed

  3. I wish I knew myself. I'm still baffled because he said it took him a year with numbers put up all over his house. He said it was all down to mathematics and superstition. I think it was a camera trick because for some reason he didn't say what the numbers were before they read them out. He's very clever though, I'll give him that.

    Thanks Niamh - I hope I can. Just trying not to get too distracted. I've hardly watched any telly. I'm not having any withdrawal symptoms luckily.... yet!

  4. I am not surprised you've nearly worn your fingers down... you have been a scary and intimidating presence over at 100 words a day! (It's very quiet over there, isn't it?)

    Good luck though with finishing: i'm aiming for end of November.

  5. Hey Lily,

    Your word count is storming seriously that's more than I've written in a week when I've been going at it full time!


  6. JJ - I am scaring myself at the rate I seem to be going so you're not alone there. I am so glad I am not the only one there. Thank you for keeping me company and for keeping me going. It really does help to know there is someone writing away at the same time.
    Good luck for November!

    Kerry - well in all seriousness you sound like you've been v. busy yourself. I couldnt possibly get anything done with all those creepy crawlies sharing my room. I love hearing all about it though. Makes for welcome breaks in between words.

  7. Nice one on the word count. :) I half watched that Derren Brown thing, I really can't decide what i think about him though.

    SE x

  8. We watched the programme on Friday night (wish I'd known you were on...I would have looked out for you!!) and we decided that it had to be some kind of hoax!! I'm even more convinced of that now that you said he didn't read out the numbers he predicted at the beginning!!

    Your doing great with the writing...I can't believe you have managed so many words in such a short time!! No wonder you feel like you have stumps for fingers!!

    C x

  9. I watched the Derren Brown programme but didn't spot you in the background! He'd have been a lot more impressive if he'd just read out the numbers a nano-second before the BBC announced them, but still :o)

    Sounds like the writing's going brilliantly!

  10. SE - thank you! I am in two minds. He did manage to create an illusion but i wasn't that impressed x

    Carol - I know, theres got to have been a reason for it but I suppose he has never claimed to be Psychic. Friday's 'sofa'show looks really good though so I'll definately be watching that.
    Neither can I, I just hope I can keep it going and that the last few thousands words aren't like the last 'few pounds'. If I can keep away from facebook I'll be alright.

    Thanks Karen - thats what I thought, the little trickster. Hes clever though and not at all arrogant like I thought.

  11. Great writing week! So how did you manage to write so many words? Do you work? Surely not. If you do please tell me your secret. I have to set the alarm to get up at 5 am to squeeze in writing time between work and life :( and would love to find another way. We watched the DB show, where were you in the big audience or the room of people who were guessing?

  12. Hi Colette, thank you for visiting and the kind words

    DJ Kirkby - thank you! I have learnt to stay away from the telly until I have done at least 500 words or 1000 depending on my progress. I do work full time. I try and write when I get in early or during my lunch break (as luckily I already work at a computer). But i pretty much get home at 6 and get straight on the computer. My life isnt too hectic right now to be fair - no offsprings and a boyf who I only see a few times a week. I see friends here and there (if I became a complete hermit what would i write about?)
    I was in the audience when he was doing the intros.