Monday, 9 November 2009

Book finished but story not so much

Had the day off from blogging yesterday (am trying to make this a daily recurrence).  Was too into my book to write anything.  Have just finished This Charming Man by Marian Keyes which (and I am glad Karen told me to stick with it) I LOVED!!  I thought it was funny, sensitive issues were dealt with such care and attention, well put together, great characters, great syles of writing for each character POV.  I loved loved loved it.  Was sad to finish in a way but am looking forward to the next book on my '5 to read in November' list:

I did some writing yesterday, as I read throught Della's 'How To' book (see previous posts) chapter by chapter I'm revising and trying to make my womag story better and subable.  I like the story but its just not there yet.  I'm not trying not to give myself a hard time but the standard is high in these womags and I want to give myself a story that, even if it isn't quite right, I'd be proud to put my name to.

The state of my bed at present is like this:

Right better get back to it!


  1. That looks quite tidy to me...

  2. My daughter bought me that book, but I haven't managed to get round to reading it yet. Good to know that it's worth sticking with.

  3. That book's really useful :o) I left a comment on a previous post as I'd forgotten to update your new address on my blog and missed it, but basically if you want me to look at your story sometime, let me know :o)

  4. JJ - to be fair i did have a major tidy up a week before. My sister outed me on facebook wondering where all the mess was :S

    Debs - Yes definitely. Took a couple of chapters to get into it but after a while I just couldnt put it down. I'm still thinking a about the characters now it affected me that much. Enjoy it!

    Karen - I know its like my bible right now (no that I'm relgious but you know what i mean!). Yes!! thank you, that would mean a lot. That's made my day that has. I just hope you like it and don't think I stink (I can and will take the critism though as how else will i learn right?) I'm hoping to spend the next 2 nights and all of sunday finishing it so I'll hopefully be able to send over on Sunday evening if thats OK? (sorry if it seems rude to bite your hand off like that?)

  5. ps I promise my story wont have that many spelling mistakes (please see above)!!

  6. I just love books that make me sad when I finish them. Um, that didn't come out quite right. :)

    Your bed looks an awful lot like mine.

  7. That would be fine Lily, and no not rude at all :o))

  8. Liane - lol I know what you mean. Ah glad its not just me. It's a lot messier than that now though!

    Karen - thank you again - have sent it now.