Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I will sub, I will!

Managed to get everything done on my list yesterday and even mnaged to export my blog and import to another.  Sounds pretty simple doesn't, well it was, but it took me ages. Still I got there in the end and I was quite pleased with the result.  No more Lily Sheehan, well not until I get published at least (fingers and toes crossed).
I had another night last night of short story ideas whirring around in my head yelling
'write me down, write me down'
until I could ignore them no more and wrote them all down in my notebook.  I had one story in my head about snails.  Sounds a bit weird/rubbish I know but it was there in my head and it had to go down before I could get to sleep.  Even worse I HATE snails.  Maybe writing about them will help them get over my fear.
So today I thought about something I had written on my blog this time last year:

'I will at the very least submit a story for sale to a magazine'.

I'm dissapointed to say that what with finishing the novel, holidays, nagging doubts and other tools of procrastination, I have not done this.  So I went out to WH Smiths and grabbed 3 magazines:
Also noticed on the first page of TAB a story by Karen Clarke which I really enjoyed.  A really good Tale with a Twist.  So I aim to read through and get a feel of the stories and see what I can come up with.  I will sub a story this year I WILL!!

**Tonight will be writing free however as I'm off to the cinema to see 'This is it'**

Have Good Evenings All


  1. Lily, I have a similar task on my to do list - to get a short story published this year - but I, like you, keep putting it off. I'm going to try and get a few written and sent out by Christmas but it's hard when you're drafting a novel..well, that's my excuse anyway.

    Good luck with the snails, eeww. x

  2. Thanks L Plate, I'm not going back to the novel until the new year so I have no excuse. I couldnt think about anything while drafting my novel so you shouldnt be hard on yourself. Good luck with it x

  3. Ooh thanks for that Lily! I've got 3 in the December issue of TaBFF :oO

    Good luck with submitting something - it really does help to read the mags and get a feel for things, but don't try too hard to write a certain way, just go with telling a story you love. Often the ones I don't think will sell to a particular magazine are the ones they go for!

  4. I had bought the November issue and noticed that the December one was out today so I bought it and there were your 3 and one from Cally as well!! Thanks for the advice. I've written a story I really like and that I think will fit but I'll have to wait and see. My main goal for this year is to send one out there at least.