Sunday, 28 October 2007

Clean up at bath time

I have had such a relaxing weekend. I feel very replenished. Shame it will all end tomorrow morning. I decided to really relax today and have a long hot soak in the bath. I closed my eyes and found myself in the plot of my own book 'Confidence in Me'. Fearing I would forget I leaped out the bath narrowly escaping a broken leg,wrist and neck in the process and grabbed my notebook 'conveniently' placed by my bed and jumped back in the bath again to write down all my new thoughts. I also thought of a new invention. Waterproof notepad and pen. You heard it here first. Look out dragons den.

Ah... it would appear I have been pipped to the post -
I'm seriously thinking this will come in handy!

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  1. Hi Lily,

    I just did that Technorati thing and there you were, linked to me. Thank you! How come? Where did you find me?

    I'll link you into mine, too.