Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Buy for Pleasure not Profit

Wooohooooo i got 2 tickets for the Mighty Boosh 2008 tour. I am ecstatic, I cannot tell you how much. I decided against the many nudges to buy 4 tickets as allowed as I am totally against buying purely to sell on a well known auction site. I refuse to buy them as I know there are so many fans who would love to see the show but can't because they sell so fast. I was so down when I couldnt get tickets for the Goth Detectives - Noel Fielding and Russell Brand (great combo). This was organised in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust - the Organisers sold out pretty fast so were happy to raise a lot of money. But sadly there were plenty of people making money of their own from this by selling on ebay for three times the price. Shocking, and it makes me so mad. Fair play to those who did actually donate their profits (albeit a measley 15% of it) to the cause and to those who sell for ticket value.

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