Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Work work work

Just got back from work and I am shattered. I just earnt myself a bit of double time though so I can put it towards some writing books. No time for writing as I have to be up for work again soon. I will however get into bed and lose myself in someone elses life. I love reading :)


  1. A book that really helped me with my writing is "Writing the Romantic Comedy" by by Billy Mernit. Although its aimed mostly at scriptwriters it works just as well for novelists, and really breaks down what makes a good story work. Highly recommended!

  2. Hi Karen

    Thank you for the recommendation. I am off to Waterstones tomorrow so I shall look out for that one and report back with my purchases tomorrow. I read that you work in a library. I envy you so much. I was a library monitor whilst at school and I loved it so much. I go to my local one a lot. I love the peace and quiet, such a true haven of mine.