Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Open Wide

I had my first visit to the dentist today since... since......since as long as I can remember. Put it this way I was in a school uniform last time I was at the dentist. I went in with the fear that my dentist would look at me all disapproving but instead she was really really nice. She even laughed at all my nervous bad jokes. Best of all I can keep all my own teeth. I do have something she called 'pocketing' and for that she supplied me with copious amounts of anti-biotics so no drinking for me this weekend. Luckily for me I am off to see Frankie Boyle on Saturday so I will find things funny without the aid of alcohol. So to round up it would seem not all dentists have bad breath (just like the one I had when I was in said uniform), they don’t all despise the NHS patients like me and it's really NOT ok to avoid the dentist for 10+ years. If you, like me have never been before as an adult just make sure you have your credit card at the ready. I spent more than I bargained for but hey not bad considering I was exempt from paying the last time I went!


  1. I haven't been to the dentist for about 3/4 years. It's a bit of a sticky issue for me as my dentist had just gone private so therefore I don't go so much (if ever) now because it's just too damn expensive! I've always had good teeth and I've had no problems so far so that's okay....

    I know someone else who's going to see Frankie Boyle. I can't say I'm much of a fan of his but I hope you have fun!

  2. I would never go private but it would be interesting to see how I was treated if I did. Still my densist was nice enough.
    I've only seen him on Mock the Week and think he's hilarious but Richard has warned me he can be a bit rude. We are in the front row on dvd night...cringe

  3. That's so weird - I've got my first appointment in I don't know how many years, next Tuesday. I need a filling, so I've got no choice :o( I'd better get m'cheque book out...

  4. Just thought I'd pop over and say hi and say thanks for joining the 100 words. It's great so many of us are doing it!

  5. Karen - I really think I am phychic, I am constantly guessing the Hollyoaks storylines. I knew Eli wasn't real!!! If you dont watch it please ignore me. I was so glad I didnt have to have any work done. The only damage was to my credit card.

    Hi Helen, thank you too. Its brilliant, I haven't had any real drive to write in ages and you have totally rescued me from my lull.