Monday, 9 June 2008

Rejection... and how not to deal with it

No writing done as I am feeling the talent ebbing away following another discovery that I ddn't place in another competition. I didn't think I would (yes, that attitude really helps) and I'm OK with it but I still can't help feeling rejected. It must be the Aquarian in me that takes these things to heart. Why doesn't rejection make me more aggressive in the face of defeat. Why do my fingers suddenly lose the urge to dance gracefully across a keyboard and come up with something that kicks the ass of the last thing that I wrote. I enter competions to keep me writing something creative, however little but each time I don't place I lose the urge to write. I know I have to toughen up and keep writing.... and I will.

On a brighter note I have managed to sort out one of my things to do before I die (I know its usually before your 30 but I don't think I should think like that, I only have 2.5 years left till then - look at me I am sooooo optimistic). On Wednesday my classically trained neighbour is going to give me my very first piano lesson. I am quite excited. I will finally be able to make use of the keyboard/piano (keyno, piboard? - maybe not!) that my Dad bought me about 4 years ago.


  1. I'm an Aquarian too and I feel your pain. It's normal to feel rubbish for a bit, but you clearly love writing and I'm sure you'll bounce back. I used to feel exactly the same, that I was NEVER going to write anything EVER again but I did, and you get better with practice. So don't give up!

    And good luck with the piano lesson. I'd love to be able to play. I started teaching myself guitar a while back, and it's sooooooooo satisfying to be able to strum a reasonable tune :o)

  2. I do love it, which is why I hate rejection so much I guess. If i wasn't bothered then I probably would love writing so much. If you know what I mean? Thanks I think I will need it. I am really nervous. I dont want to embarrass myself. I wish I could play guitar but the strings hurt my fingers :(
    Will post tonight on how it went.

  3. Rejections suck. Simple as.

    Yep, all aquarians must be like this. I'm on too!

    Hope you enjoy the piano lesson!

  4. Us Aquarians must stick together I think. We are very sensitive :S I will get tough to it though (I hope)
    Thanks, piano lesson went v. well.

  5. Hey Lilly,

    I don't think it's a zodiac thing - I'm Libran and always feel the same! It usually takes me about a day and half to get over it then I focus on the next deadline :)

    I actually think it's a good thing to stop, take stock, and work out how I could have done better. It shows you really care about doing things properly. Good luck with the next story and piano lessons! :)

  6. Thanks Kerry - I'm glad its not just me that takes things so personally. I guess any writer who puts their heart and soul into something would have no other reaction than to take it to heart. I'l get back into it in no time. It's just nice to know I'm not completely wasting my time.
    Thanks again for the comment. I have added your blog as I thought yours was a great read.