Wednesday, 15 October 2008

1 story down, 9 to go

Not writing tonight I have decided. I had major hissy fits last night and was up until nearly midnight finishing my story for task one of Eurofiction. It was my own fault really. My friend roped me into going to an Ann Summers party. I've been to a couple before but I think I have seen it all. I just about escaped being pinned down by the hostess with the mostess who tried to force me into a 'gangster' outfit. Her selling point was that I could wear it out. I think not some how. I did win a 'sexy' badge, and a willy straw which was good as I love anything free me!
So after that fun filled evening of rudeness and prudeness (mainly from me - must be the devonshire girl coming out in me), ranting and tears I finally got my story sent. Phew. Now time for the next one.


  1. Huh........Where is the story?

  2. There are times when even a willy straw doesn't help! Well done anyway.

    There's a little award for you over at mine :o)

  3. Ken - Its all part of Eurofiction. Sorry I should update with a link and I shall after this. Its a competition that runs for 20 weeks and you submit a story to the judges (who are unknown) every 2 weeks based on a prompt (choice of 3). The winner wins £110. I doubt I'll win but I need the constructive critism.

    Karen - no it didn't. I gave it to my friend and it seemed to cheer her up though lol.
    THANK YOU so much. (grinning from ear to 'ere - points at other ear :))

  4. There's an Award for you on my blog.


  5. Paige - Thank you so much. I absolutely love your blog too!

  6. Well done on getting your story finished....not an easy task when distracted by a straw willy!! (Just think of it as fodder for next story/novel!!)

    C x

  7. C - lol I shall. I'm surprised I haven't used that format before as I've been to a few of these parties and they just get more bizarre.