Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Computers dont care what I think!

OK so Stumbleupon has now been banished from my computer. It served its purpose for all of a day and a half after which I realised it had taken up too much of my time and slowed my computer down a ridiculous amount. My blood boiled as I screamed at my computer screen for being so stupid and slow - as if it would care what I thought! When I had finished my ranting at inanimate objects and looking at them disapprovingly I got on with first story for Eurofiction. I picked one of the three prompts immediately and came up with a great idea. Two more ideas and half written stories later I think I'm onto a winner. I have until the 15 th to complete and I'm confident it will be ready. In preparation I went to the library and took out Teach yourself: Creative Writing by Dianne Doubtfire & Ian Burton. It has a really helpful chapter on the short story. I had never read it before and I wonder how I wrote a story before. It maps your story out from beginning, middle, end. Plus it was free which is always a good thing!


  1. Those sites are far too distracting! I like the sound of that short story book though :o)

    Have you heard anything about the LBD competition? I'm sure they said the winners would be notified on the 30th Sept, so I'm assuming I haven't won!

  2. It was very distracting. I came aross a couple of good writing sites though.
    omg I just wrote try your local library and then remembered you work in it!!
    I haven't heard a thing. I googled it and nothing. I got the latest issue of Company which says nothing. I think its safe to say we didnt win though. I liked my story so I can send it elsewhere.

  3. Dear Sirs,

    I'm fairly certain that your book "The Little Robot Girl on Crack in 2027" has copied extracts of my book "Fly Fishing". I demand satisfaction Miss Allen.

    Faithfully yours,

  4. Somebody (think it was Cally) pointed out they'd be hard pressed to have read all the entries between 16th and 30th Sept though - makes you wonder!

  5. JR Hartley - Now that actually sounds like a bloody good idea for a story. better than fly fishing anyway!

    Karen - oh so there could be hope for us yet!!

  6. I'm glad I went on to read this post before trying out Stumbleupon!!

    Hope normal service has now been resumed :-)

    C x

  7. C - my computer is still quite slow and i think its my internet now. Nightmare. I still dont think stumbleupon helped matters though.