Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Seasons Greetings Everyone

My last post of 2008 me thinks. I was going to do a post about my favourite 10 sss's but I've been lazy again. New Year New Leaf is my motto for 2009. I shall return in the new year and focus on what I aim to do in the year ahead. I've decided not to look back over the past year as apart from getting one story published (which is great in itself I know but I had aimed to do so much more) I did bugger all else really. I won't dwell on it but I will say that I set myself the task of finishing my novel but it didn't happen. So next year who knows whats going to happen but I shall have a long list of things I would like to achieve like one being finishing my novel, oh and something I've been saying I am going to do but haven't - I will at the very least submit a story for sale to a magazine.

So, as I close for the year may I just wish you all a Wonderful Xmas and a Fabulous New Year.

Lots of Love




  1. Merry Christmas Lily! I like your motto! I can see big things happening in 2009 for everyone!

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas!

  2. Merry Xmas Paige. I like it too, lets just hope I can stick to it.

    Have a wonderful xmas and new year!!

  3. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2009 is everything you hope it will be!!

    C x

  4. Same to you Lily, and here's to a happy and productive 2009!

  5. C - I had a wonderfuly xmas, thankyou. I'm looking forward to a better year this year

    Karen - Yes I definately plan to be more productive this year. If I were any less productive then I'd be doing nothing!